What Are Disconnected Layers

December 28, 2022

As a hairstylist it is a big part of your job to stay on top of all the latest trends. Let's talk layers and even more importantly, disconnected layers.

So what exactly are disconnected layers? Disconnected layers are considered more of a freehand layering style than your usual layered haircut. They are different from your typical layering techniques in that the interior and exterior are , you guessed it, disconnected! Some may call a disconnected layered hair cut a 2 layer cut, as they are not blended perfectly like classic layers. If you've ever had a client complain about too much weight at the nape of their neck, this cut is perfect for them.

Currently, the shag cut is becoming very popular. It's a versatile haircut with lots of texture and movement. It's a great cut to maintain your length but still have a huge amount of texture and volume. 

Which clients can have disconnected layers

Unlike your classic layers, which you can make work for most clients' hair types, disconnected layers are not for everyone.

Disconnected layers work wonders for thick hair. This disconnected hairstyle removes a lot of weight and adds texture without having to texturize hair too much. You can use a razor to give this haircut even more texture and more movement. Because the internal layer is disconnected from the cut it is shorter, meaning that you can have more volume then your usual long layered cut.

Those with different textured hair can have this style. It can be made to work for wavy hair, straight hair, even curly hair. We just don't recommend this cut for clients with thin hair. This disconnected haircut can make thin, fine hair look stringy and even thinner.

How to do a disconnected layered haircut

You've done your consultation and your client is super excited for a disconnected layered hair cut. Now let's quickly review how to give your client their new haircut!. Remember this cut is meant to remove weight and add movement without too much work!

STEP ONE- Sectioning

The first main section for this cut is a halo section. This give you two sections, for disconnection - or an under cut like section. Clip the undercut section out of the way.

Next you section your halo section in to two- from the crown. This will give you a front section- from the crown to the top and then from the crown to the nape.

Step two- Guideline

Your guideline will then be taken from the crown of the head to the front of the halo section. How you cut your guideline is up to you. You can over direct it forward to give it a subtle finish with more blending. You can cut it straight up to give you a more drastic disconnection. Remember this cut is meant to be disconnected so you won't want to do too much blending.

Step Three

Now that you have your guideline you can follow that around the front of the halo section. Use your guideline as a pivot point around the whole section to create your top layer. You should be over- directing each section to the previous section.

Step four

Use the length from the front section of the top section- to cut your guideline for the back section. Cut your guideline. Continue all your sections from the pivot point. Over-directing them to the previous section.

Step Five

Now that you have essentially finished the "top layer " of your disconnected layered haircut you can let the top section down! 

This is where all your knowledge as a hairdresser comes into play. You can leave your cut as is. You still find that this haircut will turn heads, even without any added detail. Or you can use your artistic sense and add as much movement and texture as you please. Just remember if your client has hair on the more fine side of things, do not over texture! You can add some face framing layers to help shape the cut more, have fun with it!

Finishing your cut

The disconnected layered hair haircut is meant to be a bit more fun and wild. After adding your finishing touches it's time to show your client how to style this masterpiece. Texture sprays and creams will help them recreate their look when they get home. 

You've given your client an amazing, fun and funky style! We hope this quick tutorial has inspired you to try something new today !

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