What are the best barbering scissors?

March 02, 2022

In the world of barbering, several tools can help you develop as a PHD (professional hairdresser), including the type of scissors you use. Choose the right scissors, and your job gets a whole lot easier, choose the wrong pair and not only will it limit your potential as a barber, but it could also leave you with a world of pain. 

 Making the right choice is paramount, so don’t be tempted by the many options available in the market - think all that glitters is not necessarily gold. Remember also that the best barbering scissors are not necessarily the most expensive. Indeed all that glitters is not bald. It's essential to research what you're looking for when buying a pair. It will ensure you don't waste money on something that isn't worth your time or effort. 

 This article will teach you everything about finding the right pair of scissors so that you can get back to doing what matters most - providing your clients with great haircuts. 


Best of the best barbering scissors

Barbering scissors are the most important tools that any barber or stylist should have. Anything less than that will just not cut it. The primary purpose of any barbering scissor is to cut the hair effortlessly, offering you the utmost comfort. It can be overwhelming to pick the best barbering scissors when you do not know what to look for. 

Since love is in the hair and I have a lot of hair stories for you, read on and learn a thing or two!

There are two main types of barbering scissors. You can choose from:

  • Japanese
  • German

    Japanese barbering scissors

    The Japanese are not just good at taekwondo, but their scissors are known for sharpness and durability. The blade's design is rust-resistant steel and easy to sharpen. But, the Japanese barbering scissors do have a downside: they need constant sharpening and honing, pending how often they are used - but don't let they sway you because ALL shears need sharpening at some point!

    German barbering scissors

    Here the Germans are not just famous for their cars. Their scissors, in equal measure, are a popular category in the beauty and personal care industry. The cost of a pair of these scissors can range anywhere from $100 to over $1,000. But what makes the price differ so much? German barbering scissors are a particular hair cutting tool that allows you to cut hair with precision and accuracy, just like the sleekness of their cars.

     German barbering scissors are designed with special sharpened blades. The blades are made of high-quality steel, which is resistant to rust. The barbering scissor is very comfortable in use, and the blade has no edges. It helps the hair not get damaged, even if you have to cut wet hair.

     Before purchasing the german scissors, you should know the top features:

    1) It is well designed, so its design fits comfortably in the hand

    2) The blades are made of high-quality stainless steel

    Anatomy of barbering scissors

    Scissors have a lot going on that you should pay close attention to. When purchasing barbering scissors, consider; the length, weight and material of the handle, the type and size of the blades and the design and material of the thumb rest.

    The most important part of a pair of scissors is the handle. It is where you spend most of your time doing your work. It's essential that it feels good in your hand and you can control it easily - this is one area where you should not compromise on quality.


    Choosing the best hairdressing scissors

    Choosing the best barbering scissors is an important decision that can lead to a professional and happy haircut. The right tools are essential to the success of every barber. The quality and durability of these tools play a crucial role in the success of any barber's business. It is vital to purchase high-quality scissors, as they will last for many years.

    These scissors can help you achieve perfect results in your hair cutting; if you are still confused about which type of scissors to choose, consider some features. Some models are ergonomically designed with finger inserts for better comfort. Other models feature an offset grip that offers a wide variety of ideal models for most users. They will give you the best results in the market.


    The best pair of barbering scissors are made of stainless steel, which makes them durable and lightweight. Some of these models also have other materials added. Stainless steel barber scissors are great for trimming hair, but a long pair can make cutting difficult. 

    The optimal length depends on your hand size. So, while it is necessary to have a long pair, it is not a necessity. Whether you are a man or a woman, you should buy the best barbering scissors.

    Buying your first pair of barber shears or scissors

    Before purchasing the scissors, you first need to consider whether you want the big scissors or the small ones. The big ones can be used for thick hair, while the small ones are perfect for precision cuts.

    The best barbering scissors must have a smoothly curved blade, a comfortable handle and a precision ground tip. The curve of a blade ensures that you can cut the hair from any angle easily. A smooth cutting surface produces a superior finish to the haircut.

    A comfortable handle ensures that the cutting motion is flowing and smooth when you try to style someone's hair. The tip is crucial when it comes to the precision of the haircut. If it is not sharp enough, you will have to apply more pressure on your razor, which can cause unnecessary irritation on your client's scalp.


    Barber scissors are not all created equal!

    Like all things that come in different shapes and sizes, barber scissors have characteristics that make them different. It includes the grip, blade material, and shape or design of the scissors themselves.

    The grip is made from either plastic or metal material. Plastic grips are most common among barber scissors, as they tend to be more durable and lightweight. Barber scissors also come in different shapes and sizes, depending on the intended use. The most common shapes include rounded tips and pointed ends.


    Common mistakes people make when buying their first pair of scissors

    Buying your first pair of scissors is a big deal. You want to be sure that you're getting the right tool for the job and that you're investing in quality, but where do you even start? Scissors are not just scissors – there's a whole world of them out there.

    There are many things to consider when buying your first pair of scissors. Buying the right pair could make all the difference. What many people don't know is that their shears will need more maintenance than they think. While a pair of scissors may come with a warranty, there will still be some costs in keeping them in working order.

    Here are some common mistakes people make when buying their first pair of scissors.

    • Scissors come in different sizes, but most people buy the largest size they can find. It makes them too heavy to use comfortably. You should always buy scissors based on the job at hand.
    • Buying cheap and flimsy scissors - Cheap scissors are the worst decision you can make when it comes to cutting hair. At times cheap can be expensive in the long run. Shoddy looking scissors are difficult to use and can break easily. They are also not designed with the proper materials so that they won't last very long.
    • Not taking care of your new pair of scissors - You just spent money on a great pair of scissors that will last for many years to come, so why ignore them?

    Common misconceptions about barber scissors...

    1. Barber scissors are more expensive than the regular ones.
    2. Barber scissors are made differently; because they are for cutting hair, the blades should be narrower and longer to give them a sharper edge.
    3. You cannot use barber scissors for other things meaning they are not multipurpose.
    4. Barber's shears are designed to cut thick or coarse hair only. 


    So don't get caught up in those misconception friends, if you're overwhelmed by what to choose then be sure to reach out to our friendly customer service team that will happily answer any questions you may have!

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