What Is Included In A Good Barber Shear

October 30, 2022

A barbers station has so many different tools. You have your scissors, clippers, trimmers, blow dryer, cut- throat, combs, etc etc. When you are dealing with so many tools your shears may take the back seat! If you're struggling to find the best barber scissors for you, that's why we are here. Let us help guide you through everything that makes a good barbering shear!

Quality steel

Professional barber shears are no different than other hair cutting scissors in that you will want to find a good quality pair of scissors that will stay super sharp through all your haircuts. We highly recommend a good quality stainless steel scissor to help you get the job done.

Most professional hair shears are made from japanese stainless steel or German stainless steel. Both will give you a razor sharp cutting edge. The stainless steel blades should keep their sharp edge through many haircuts. Barbering does tend to wear down shears quicker than hairdressing, since you spend most of your day using them. Some barbers can average 20-30 haircuts a day, so these shears will certainly get a workout . We recommend sharpening your shears every 6-12 months, maybe less if you're a more scissor focused barber.

When purchasing a pair of barber shears you will want to consider the type of steel you are getting. Of course the better and stronger the steel, the higher the price tag. High quality steel is rated on a scale called the Rockwell Hardness Scale. Let us break down the steel hardness for you to help decide which shear is best!

440 C Steel 

440 c steel is a popular steel used in a lot of Japanese made shears. It is excellent quality steel that is strong, non corrosive and keeps a sharp edge. Shears made from 440 c japanese steel are not only made to last, but are also most affordable. 


VG10 Steel is high quality, japanese steel infused with cobalt alloy. It is used in most high end shears. It is extra hard, will keep a sharp edge and non corrosive.


Damascus steel is higher in price and quality. It is basically 17 layers of VG10 Steel folded on itself over and over. It was used to make super sharp swords back in the day, so guaranteed your shears will be sharp!

German Steel

Now German shears will be the sharpest shears out of the western world. They are quite durable and can take quite a beating. 

Wether you choose Japanese stainless steel or German Steel you will get a great pair of scissors.

Now that we have broken down the different steels for you lets have a look at what else you would want to include when buying a good pair of barber shears. 


When choosing which size shears to get you will need to consider what you are using them for. Most barbers will use their shears for scissor over comb and cutting the top of the head. You may require different lengths shears, depending on your style of cutting. 

If you find yourself with a lot of scissor over comb clients you will want to consider buying a 7inch shear. The main benefit of a longer shear is, time ! The larger your shears the faster your scissor over comb. With a pair of 7 inch shears you can finish one side of the head in pretty much one section. Of course you want to make sure you are using a good quality scissor when using long shears as you want to achieve the same result for the whole blade. A lower quality shear will push the hair, leaving your scissor over comb uneven. For the best barber shears with a longer blade length you will want to consider ourMatsui Master Barber Shears Matte black Damascus Steel 7 inch.

If you find yourself using your clippers more than your shears, you will most likely still need a good pair to help finish the look. You'll find that you may want to use a shorter blade length when cutting the top of the head to remove length and add texture. Point cutting shorter hair is easier with shorter shears. Some barbers also prefer to use a shorter shear for their scissor over comb. A shorter shear is good for smaller sections of scissor over comb and more detail work. For a shorter shear and longer shears combo consider our Matsui Classic Ergo Support Ultimate Barber Combo. Check it outhere. This set includes 7 inch shears and 5 inch shears for all your cutting and detailing needs.

Having the option to have different lengths of shears is important for a barber.


Your handle may not seem like the most important part of your shears, but it will effect how you cut and how comfortable you are cutting. Barbering can be hard on your hands and wrists. The constant motion of clippers and cutting can shave years off your career if you do not protect your wrists.

Many old school barber scissors have a classic handle. The classic handle has both the finger hole and thumb hole positioned in line with each other. This handle is meant to be used with your thumb and middle finger, as opposed to your ring finger. Sometimes classic is not always best, as this hand position can put a lot of strain on your wrist.

Here are a few other options for your handles:

Off- Set Handle

An off- set handle brings your thumb forward a little. This helps to place your thumb closer to its natural position. By doing so this relieves tension in your hand and wrist. The off-set handle is your most common handle, as it helps with comfort and preventing injury, while making it simple to maintain your current cutting style.

Crane Handle

A crane handle will look pretty similar to an off set handle. However, you will notice the thumb hole is a bit more off set and the blade is a bit straighter. This ergonomic design is there to help you bring your elbow down when cutting hair. This will not only help your wrists, but your shoulders as well. Crane handles may take some getting used to when you're new to them, but they will be the best support for your aching hands, wrists and shoulders. 

Most high quality hair cutting shears will have either an Off-set or Crane handle, and really you can't go wrong. Both will help you achieve stellar haircutting results.

The Blades

A good pair of barbering shears will have sharp blades, and this is very important to achieve the best hair cut results. Here are your different options for blade types:

Convex edge

Convex edge blades are razor sharp! They are amazing for slicing and sliding through hair. However, for barbering they may be too fragile and hard to maintain. They are a great tool to have in your collection though if you are used to using more advanced texturizing techniques.

Semi- Convex edge

A semi- convex blade is probably your best all rounder option. It gives you a very sharp blade, but can take a bit of a beating. It is great for scissor over comb and different texturizing techniques. Semi- convex blades are great for cutting wet and dry hair and giving precision cuts. Most professional hair shears have a semi- convex edge and it's because it such a versatile option.

Beveled Edge

A beveled edge blade is your basic , hard wearing edge. It is easy to maintain and will last for many hair cuts. It is not as sharp as the other edges and it may need a bit more power behind it, but it is good option for the barber who does a lot of basic scissor over comb.

Serrated Edge

You will also find you may have the option to get a serrated edge blade. A serrated edge basically is a blade with tiny little cuts in it. This edge is great for barber scissors as it holds the hair in place better when you are doing scissor over comb.


A good quality barber shear will also come with good quality improvements. It is important that your barbering shears fit your fingers correctly. This is why a good pair of scissors will come with finger inserts. These are there to make sure your shears fit you perfectly!

Your barber shears will also have an adjustable screw for tension adjustment. This is important to keep you shears from dulling quickly and also making sure you are getting nice, straight lines in your cuts.

Don't forget a good quality barbering shear, needs good quality maintenance as well!

What do you look for in a barbering shear?

There are so many different brands of shears for professional barbers to consider. Your shears are as important as your clippers, so it is best to take all the different options in to consideration when you are purchasing your shears. If you can't decide let us help you! We know what is important for your daily barbering needs.

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