What is the best brand of hair shears?

June 22, 2021

As we all know searching for a shear can be tough, what’s even tougher is knowing the best brand to buy. So we ask What is the best brand of hair shears? The best brand of shears in our opinion is and always will be Matsui. Why? That’s easy - an affordable scissor that not only looks good  but also has an amazing returns policy making it super simple to purchase and return if your not 100% happy, but look, we're willing to throw in our other recommendations of best brands to help the process because the next step comes down to which one YOU want. So let's talk a little about each brand, shall we?


Matsui Shears were established in 1998 made from premium quality Japanese steel that is specially handcrafted. These professional shears feature a variety of different high-quality Japanese steel and have been proven to be one of the best tools a hairdresser can own. From their wide range of different handles, shapes, sizes, colors and value for money Matsui shears can do no wrong!

The best feature of Matsui shears is they’re designed to be comfortable for 90%  of hairstylists due to their unique handle design refined from endless amounts of customer feedback. Unique blade shapes also keep them feeling sharper for longer, requiring less maintenance which means better longevity of your scissors. In Saying this, Matsui shears are great for all aspects  of hairdressing whether it's short or long hair cuts, men's or women - their choices are endless!


While Matsui has been around since 1998 Joewell scissors have been established since 1917 so it's fair to say they have made their mark in quality and expertly crafted scissors with uniquely designed shears. As we're sure you are aware by now if you have done your research, Joewell is known for their extreme passion to provide not only a professional cutting tool but in each shear they make sure they include the diverse needs of hairdressers and barbers worldwide because as we all know - no 2 hairdressers or barbers are the same.

While yes, Joewell are an award winning shear known for being one of the best professional tools around, they are also not for just any hairdresser or barber. Joewell shears have been as said above expertly crafted and hand-finished scissors that require only an experienced professional to handle these bad boys in either women’s or men’s cuts, but hey, if you’re willing to give them a go - who are we to stop you!? 


Yasaka shears are known for their handcrafted design and high-purity Japanese steel. Much like all our other scissor brands already mentioned, Yasaka shears are expertly designed with the needs and wants of professional hairdressers and barbers in mind. 

They are best known for their ergonomic handle design that allows maximum comfort and control while cutting, along with excellent hardness, wear and abrasion resistance. The construction of the Yasaka are not only built to last but are also made to require minimal maintenance that will serve you for many years to come after the purchase.


Sozu shears are generally known as the 'aspiring hairdresser' and have quickly become a crowd favorite.  Much like the Matsui shears, it is of course made from only the best Japanese steel that will give you only the best quality scissor at a more than decent price tag with it.

 As an aspiring hairdresser you don't always have the bank account to go with it which makes it tricky to own a decent pair of scissors before you move on up to your next higher quality scissor, which is why Sozu shears are the perfect starting pair for quality, comfort and value for money.

So, to answer the question again, what is the best brand of hair shears? Sure we will say Matsui but that's our opinion so really, I think it's safest that we leave it up to you. With what we may think is the best might not be the same as what you or someone else will think. Haircutting scissors can be a very personal choice whether its comfort, price point, color, or even the design, the best brand of hair shears is what you find the most comfortable to use - let's face it, you'll be using them for a while!

Which Brand Should You Buy?

We just spoke about 'what is the best brand of hairdressing shears?' So clearly the next obvious question is which hairdressing scissors brand should you buy? If we didn't make it clear enough in the last paragraph or you've just skipped to this section then we'll make it simple for you.

The best pair of hairdressing scissors to buy are the ones you want! Once you've nutted out which brand you want from as said above then your next steps would be to pick the style, design/handle design and color (the fun part). You also need to be super aware of any potential wrist injury or if you have already then you need to be mindful of the scissors you choose as some designs can make it worse whereas some can definitely help alleviate pain and discomfort caused from RSI (repetitive strain injury).

We can't stress this enough or tell you enough, but when it comes to you and your hairdressing tools, especially your hairdressing scissors it's always best if YOU choose them, not anyone else!  Sure, you can ask for advice and we will happily give it but as everything in your life comes down to it, it's you that has the final say in which scissors are best to buy.

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