What To Do With Your Hairdressing Scissors When You First Get Them

April 10, 2023

They've arrived! You've been waiting days for your new pair of hair cutting shears, and they're finally here! You quickly open your package, of course being careful not to drop it ! And there they are in their beautiful protective case. This is an exciting day for any hair stylist!

Inside the case along with your brand new shiny shears, you will come across some extras to help you take the best care of your new shears. You will find finger inserts, scissor oil, tension adjuster and a soft cloth. Well let's dive in and get those shears ready for cutting hair!

Finger Inserts

First, let's make sure our shears are comfortable on our fingers. You can add finger inserts to the finger holes to make them tighter, or remove them to make them looser. This is there to ensure you have the best fit and most control over your shears. You want to make sure you have room to move your fingers around, but not too loose that you feel they may spin off your hand. You want to use these to be as comfortable as possible with your new shears.


Of course your shears have arrived to you with no hair on them and are nice and clean. However we recommend taking your soft microfibre cloth and wiping your blades clean. If you prefer you may even use a little rubbing alcohol to wipe the blades. Our scissors are sharpened in house by a professional blade smith and occasionally this can leave a small amount of metal behind on the blade. So making sure you wipe them first will ensure they're ready for use!


Now when leaving our warehouse the blade smith will have checked and oiled your shears. We recommend you do it again to make sure they're in tip top condition. To oil your shears, open them completely. Place a small drop of oil at the pivot point. This is where the two blades meet the handle, where the screw is. Place a small drop on each blade. Gently open and close your shears to move the oil around. Make sure to take your soft cloth and wipe any excess oil from your blades.


This one is a big one! You may try out your shears right away and think they do not feel right. Make sure to check and adjust your tension.

To check your tension, take the thumb hole and open your shears to 90 degrees. Simply drop the thumb hole and see where it lands. If the thumb hole does not drop past 45 degrees, they are too tight. If the thumb hole drops past 20 degrees they are to loose. 

Shears come with two different options for adjusting. Some have a screw at the pivot point while others have a raised tension adjuster ( like ourMatsui Swarovski Limited Edition Elegance Shears). This means you can simply turn the adjuster to tighten or loosen the tension. Only adjust by one click at a time to make sure you do not over tighten or over loosen them.

Some shears have just a screw as their tension adjuster. This is why there is an adjuster included in your pack. Simply use this adjuster to tighten or loosen the screw. Again, only turn it slightly to make sure you do not over tighten or loosen it.


Now you've prepped your shears for their first day of work! They're cutting hair beautifully and you've never been happier ( I mean seriously there is no better feeling than a fresh pair of sharp shears!) However, we want to make sure our shears stay feeling as fresh .. everyday!

You must make sure to clean your hair cutting shears after every haircut. Removing any hair, product or water that may be on the blades of the shears. Allowing these things to dry on the blades can lead to blades that dull quicker and feel sticky. Always make sure to wipe your scissors!

Oiling your blades must be done at least once a day. We recommend you oil them at the end of your day. The oil will help remove any extra hair or product that may be stuck in the pivot point. This will guarantee your shears stay sharper longer! At the end of your day remember to place your shears back in their protective case, to ensure they are nice and protected!

Check your tension every day before you start, to ensure they're ready for a busy day ahead.

Your new shears should feel nice and sharp for at least 3-6 months. We recommend sharpening your shears every 6-12 months. Of course this varies based on how many haircuts you are doing a day. Barbers who are cutting hair all day , and a lot of cuts at that, may need to have their shears sharpened more than the average hairdresser, who may be doing cuts and color. 

Now you're ready to Enjoy..

your brand new hair cutting scissors! Believe us, you will notice the difference with a brand new scissor in your hand! If you have received your new shears and have any questions, feel free to reach out to our friendly customer service people at any time! We want you to love your shears as much as we do!

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