Where To Buy Matte Black Hair Cutting Scissors

April 19, 2021

It’s not that many years ago that we wouldn’t have imagined seeing anything other than chrome scissors in a hairdressing salon. Now you see a wide range of colours and metal finishes. Many thought black wouldn’t catch on but it’s proved very popular amongst hairdressers and barbers.

Matte Black Hair Cutting Scissors - Our Selection

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Where & What Types Of Black Hair Scissors

Where once people associated black with evil and death, it’s now fashionable and elegant. The popularity of the colour has flowed into salons with matte black hairdressing scissors and shears all the rage.

The strong uptake of black scissors means you can now find all types of professional hairdressing scissors. From professional hair cutting scissors in all sizes to thinners, texturizers and blenders. There are individual scissors and matching sets. For those wanting ergonomic options, most matte black manufacturers provide scissors with offset handles or you can choose the swivel handle.

Black scissors and shears are popular with both males and females, hairdressers and barbers alike.

Matt black hair shears on pink background

Japanese black hairdressing scissors

Japanese handmade scissors and shears are being produced with elegant black finishes. The Japanese Matsui brand is one of the most popular manufacturing matte black professional hairdressing scissors.

What are black shears finished in?

Matte black scissors are finished in a black titanium coating. The finish is extremely hard to withstand years of use and is covered under the lifetime warranty.

detail of black matte shears

The quality of matte black scissors

Some people assume that scissors with a coloured coating are inferior to chrome scissors because the coating is covering up some imperfections but the opposite is true. Scissors that are being coated in a titanium finish need to be completely free of any defects otherwise the coating doesn’t adhere to the steel or shows up the smallest imperfection, meaning the scissors are rejected.

It often surprises hairdressers and barbers that the coating stays the same for the entire life of the scissors. Many assume the coating will remain for a year or two before it fades or wears off in the high touch areas like the handles. Others think the chemicals in hair dyes and being wet all day will cause problems with the finish but they’re pleasantly surprised.

Cutting hair with matsui matte black shears

How should you care for matte black scissors?

You’ll be glad to know that your black scissors don’t need any special treatment compared to a professional pair of chrome shears. Follow a few simple care guidelines and you will keep your scissors in good working order, free of corrosion and rust spots for many years.

Use a soft dry towel to clean and thoroughly dry the scissors at the end of the work day. Give them a quick look over to make sure you have removed all traces of hair and chemicals. Store them in their case rather than leaving them on a bench or in a drawer to ensure they don’t get damaged. If you drop your scissors, have them sharpened with a professional bladesmith before using them again. Be sure to oil your scissors at least weekly using professional scissor oil. Always oil directly after using a disinfectant on the scissors to replace the oil you removed.

Before using your scissors at the start of your next workday, check the tension and balance of the scissors.

Hold the scissors vertically and lift one handle. When you release the handle, it should fall slightly, closing halfway up the other blade. If the blade hardly moves when you let go, the tension is too tight and if it closes completely, the tension is too loose.

To check the balance of your scissors, open the scissors and wiggle the blades against each other to make sure there isn’t too much movement.

All Matsui scissors come with a tension adjuster so be sure to use it if you need to make a change. To tension up a pair of right handed scissors, turn the screw to the right and to adjust the tension down, turn the screw to the left.

If during the day, you feel any resistance cutting hair, stop and check the tension. You can cause permanent damage to the blades if you continue using scissors that aren’t balanced or tensioned correctly.

Using scissors that are the correct tension also ensures your hands and wrists aren’t working harder than they need to, risking a repetitive strain or carpal tunnel injury.

cutting hair with matsui black matte scissors

Where To Buy Matte Black Hair Cutting Shears

Below are some of our favourite Matsui options on the Scissor Tech shop.

Matsui Precision Matte Black Cutting Shear

Made from high quality Hitachi 440C Japanese steel, the elegant finish is enhanced by small touches of rose gold. The finger rest and tension screw are features of the shears. Available in 5.5 inch and 6 inch sizes.

The Precision is also available as a Triple Set with the 5.5 and 6 inch cutting shear and 5.5 inch thinning shear. The set is perfect for anyone who does ladies/slicing cuts and scissors over comb barbering cuts. Swap between the two sizes of shears depending on the cut.

Matsui Matte Black Aichei Mountain Offset Shear

Cobalt-infused steel makes these a lightweight pair of shears. The mountain blade is well regarded by hairdressers and barbers because it helps push the hair on to the razor sharp blade. Choose between 5.5 and 6 inch shears.

If one is never enough, the Mountain Offset is also available as a Thinner Combo Set . Choose the best size cutting shear, either 5.5 or 6 inches, to go with the 6 inch thinning shear.

Matte Black Matsui Swivel Shear

If you’re suffering a hand or wrist injury or worried about the potential for one, you can’t beat swivel handle matte black hairdressing scissors. The handles allow you to have maximum hand movement while cutting.

If you’re looking to buy black hairdressing scissors, there’s plenty of models and sizes to choose from. Don’t be concerned about making the wrong decision, Scissor Tech provides a 7 day return policy with all scissors. Either swap the scissors for another pair or request a full refund.

View all our matte black hairdressing scissors at Scissor Tech.

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