Which Haircutting Comb Should You Choose

January 22, 2023

We get it ! There are so many different things to consider when you are purchasing products for your hairdressing tool kit! But don't worry, this is why we are here! If you have questions, we will have answers.

We don't just do scissors, we also know how important your other accessories are. So let's talk combs! Which ones do you need in your hand?


Cutting comb

To cut hair you will need... you guessed it - a cutting comb. What exactly is a cutting comb? Well there are a few different types out there. Your most popular cutting comb is one with two different teeth on it. One side of the comb will have wider teeth while the other side is a fine tooth comb. This gives you the option of having different tensions when you are cutting different hair types. If you have someone with very straight hair and you are precision cutting, you will be using your fine tooth comb. If you have a client with curly hair you may want to use the wider teeth with less tension.

A high quality comb may also include one separate tooth that is spread out more than the others. This is a great addition to a cutting comb. This longer tooth is the perfect tool to use for hair parting. It makes it quick and easy to achieve a defined line- every time. Some cutting combs may even include a numbered ruler on the back to always guarantee that when a client says "take an inch off" you know exactly what to do!

The best cutting comb out there will have wider teeth, finer teeth, a parting section and be made from high quality material. You'll want one that is made from either a high quality rubber or graphite. These materials will insure its longevity. If you are mostly dry cutting you may want to grab one that is carbon. Carbon is not only strong, but also anti static, which is great for dry hair. 

It is important to choose a cutting comb that will stand the test of time. A cheaper material will not stand up to the sterilizing solutions you will use on a regular basis. It is important to remember you must clean your combs after every client. This is why you need quality plastic, rubber or even carbon and graphite hair combs.

Styling comb

If you're using a lot of hot styling tools you will want to consider a separate styling comb. A styling comb is great for parting and also gliding through hair when you use a hair straightener. A styling comb should be made from a heat resistant material like carbon. 

There are other types of styling combs you will need in your tool kit. You will want to make sure you have a wide tooth comb. Wide tooth combs are great for combing wet hair, dry hair, curly hair and styling all of the above. You can use a wide tooth comb to comb out hair that you have styled curly, to loosen the curls and give them their dream wavy hair. Or if your client has naturally curly hair using a wide tooth comb when its wet or dry will prevent it from frizzing.

Barber Combs

If you do any men's cuts, or you're a barber, a barber comb is a must! There are a few different types of barber combs available. They will have teeth that are equally spread out. You may find some have a handle and then longer teeth, or some will be half short tooth and half long tooth comb, but still spaced out equally. This is so you can easily maneuver the comb around the ears when doing scissor over comb or clipper over comb. 

Another barber comb that may not be as popular as the typical large comb is the taper comb. A taper comb starts with longer and wider teeth and then tapers down into smaller and finer teeth. These combs are great for adding small details to every mens cut!

Combs, combs and more combs

There are so many different varieties of combs available to you, the hair stylist. And like our scissors we use them all day, everyday ! We definitely recommend having a few different combs, for all different hair types and purposes.... and also for when you drop your comb on the floor. We have all been there ! Time to choose your comb and get to cutting !

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