Which Hairdryer Should You Choose

April 23, 2023

We know you always come to us for great hair and scissor advice, and now we have some hair dryer advice for you ! After all, you can't give a client an amazing cut and not give them an equally as beautiful blow dry as well ! Not all hair dryers are created equal, let us help you choose the best hair dryer for you and your clients!

Heat Settings and Speed settings

Having a hair dryer that has multiple heat settings is very important. While a hair dryer may not cause as much heat damage as say a hair straightener, it can still cause quite a bit of damage. If your client has finer hair you may not want to use a hair dryer on the highest heat setting. Hair dryers can cause heat damage so having multiple heat settings is very important. Thicker hair will do great with a higher heat setting and the hot air will not only speed up the drying process but also help to smooth hair out. Adjustable heat settings are very important for when you pick a hair dryer.

Speed settings are important to help make your life easier. You want a powerful hair dryer that will help you dry hair quickly. 

Along with different heat settings comes the COOL shot button! This is a must have for a good blow dryer. Using cool air as you blow dry hair will help lock in the style. So you know those beautiful, bouncy blow dry curls we all love ? The cool shot button is a must to achieve these!

Blow dryer attachments

The best hair dryers out there will come with multiple nozzles. These attachments are so important for professional hair dryers. The right blow dryer will come with a concentrator nozzle and a diffuser.

The concentrator nozzle is a smaller nozzle that will direct heat exactly where it needs to go. This is important for helping to smooth the hair cuticle and prevent frizz. Pair this with a round brush and you can get those hair strands smooth and shiny!

The diffuser is a much larger attachment that has a lot of holes and small spikes. This attachment is made for blow drying curly hair. The diffuser helps to distribute heat without causing frizzy hair. The diffuser helps to work with the curl pattern, as opposed to trying to straighten it, like with the concentrator nozzle. For those with wavy hair you can use the diffuser to help give them more pronounced curls.

Lightweight Hair dryer

You may find that the lightweight hair dryers are more expensive ( Hello Dyson! ) but there is a good reason for this. 

Lightweight hair dryers are so important. If you've visited our site before you may see we spend a good amount of time focusing on ergonomic shears. Why is that? Because we know that as a hairdresser you work hard, and so does your body! So we need to protect our bodies and keep them in the best shape. If you're blow drying a lot during the day you may find that at the end of the day your arms are tired and sore. This is why it is so important to have a lightweight blow dryer. Even more so, a lightweight blow dryer that does not skimp on speed or heat! This is why you may find the lighter the blow dryer, the higher the price point. They have to fit all that heat and speed into a lighter hair dryer.

Ionic, Ceramic, Tourmaline... OH MY!

These are all words that may come up when you're deciding what the best hair dryer for you is. Let's break it down a bit further so you can decide which is worth your money.

Ionic hair dryer

Ionic dryers produce a lot of negative ions. These negative ions help to break down the positive ions from wet hair. This means you will dry hair quicker and with less frizz. Ionic hair dryers are great for coarse hair , but not the best for thin hair as it may cause them to fall limp.

Ceramic hair dryer

Ceramic hair dryers are great for regulating heat. Ceramic is a great heat conductor. It will help to keep heat evenly distributed throughout the hair. This helps for even, more efficient drying. Ceramic dryers are great for any hair texture.

Tourmaline hair dryers

Tourmaline dryers are made from .. you guess it ! Tourmaline. Tourmaline is a semi- precious gemstone. It emits negative ions which help to break down the positive ions of wet hair, similar to the ionic hair dryer. Because it uses negative ions to break down the water, it means you are needing to use less heat when drying hair and it will keep hair shinier, longer. Tourmaline can help protect hair cuticles, keeping healthy hair safe from heat damage. A tourmaline dryer is great for most hair types, but best to avoid for fine hair. The negative ions can actually make fine hair fall limp.

Your new best friend

Now that you know all about the different types of hair dryers out there, its time to choose your new best friend. Hair dryers and hair cuts will always go hand in hand. That is why helping you choose your next hair dryer is as important to us as helping you choose your new scissors ! 

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