Why Is It Essential To Have A Quality Station Mat For Your Shears

November 09, 2023

We know that as a professional hair stylist you give your clients hair the best care around! We also know that to provide the best possible service you need the best hair cutting scissors around. Of course the best scissors will need the best care, to keep them in tip top shape. This is why we recommend having some accessories to help out !


What is a station mat and why do you need one !

A station mat is a high quality rubber mat for your work station. It has raised bumps to help keep your hair cutting shears and other tools away from moisture or chemical spills. The rubber also helps to keep your hair shears from falling or hitting a hard surface. While your hair cutting scissors are built to last, they can still be damaged if not taken care of properly!

A station mat is a must have to protect your shears. If you're a busy stylist running around accidents can happen. Placing your haircutting scissors on a hard surface can cause damage to the alignment, and sometimes the blade edges if you place your shears down while rushing around. It is not uncommon for us hairdressers to accidentally drop our shears, or have them fall off our station. These types of accidents happen, and they sure can cause a lot of damage to our scissors.

If you do drop your scissors it is important to know what to do. The best thing to do is to get a professional sharpening person to look at them. We recommend using a back up pair of scissors and calling your favorite sharpener. They can assess the damage, fix it and return your shears to you sharpened and ready to cut!

Other ways to protect your shears!

While we believe a quality station mat is a must, we have a few other tools to keep your shears looking, working and feeling their best.

When you order a pair of shears from us they come in a protective case. This case is not just to protect them when we ship them to you, but also for you to continue to keep them safe. Similar to a station mat, a scissors case gives you a safe spot to store your shears. This will keep them from falling or being dropped. 

In your protective case that came with your shears you will find your maintenance kit. This includes a cleaning cloth. This soft cloth is there for you to wipe your scissor blades clean after every haircut ! Proper cleaning of your shears will help keep the blades safe from rust and corrosion.

You will also have a small shear oil pen. Use a few drops of hair shear oil, applied at the pivot point of your shears, at least once a day. The scissor oil helps to remove any small hairs left behind and also protects your blades from rust and corrosion. Keeping your shears clean and oiled will prevent them from going dull too quickly.

Another tool needed to keep your hairdressing scissors in the best shape possible if your tension adjuster. This is a must have to adjust your scissor tension. You should check your tension everyday and adjust accordingly. To check the tension of your scissors, hold your scissors from the handle and face them up, lift the thumb ring up to at least 90 degrees. Drop the thumb ring. If it closes completely or is under 20 degrees your scissors are too loose. If they do not drop past 45 degrees your scissors are too tight. Use your tension key to adjust. If they are too tight, loosen them simply by using the key to turn the middle screw. Turn the key to the left and it will loosen them. If they are too loose, turn the key to the right to tighten them. If you check the tension and the finger holes drop to between 20 and 45 degrees, you have the right tension. 

Using all these tips and tricks will help keep your scissors sharp and performing to the best of their ability. 

Look after those hair cutting scissors!

We hope you love your new hair shears as much as we do ! This is why we strongly recommend having a station mat to help you keep them safe. Your new shears are made from the strongest Japanese steel however, dropping your shears can do serious damage. Taking proper care of your investment will help give them a happy and long life!

You can check out our range of quality station matsHERE. They come in different colors, to keep your station clean, safe AND trendy ! Happy shopping!

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