Why Is It Important To Care For Your Hair Shears

January 15, 2023

A hair stylist is nothing without their hair cutting shears! While we work hard to learn all the new cutting edge hair cutting techniques, our shears are our constant companion. They are always there to help us achieve the perfect haircut, every time. This is why we must make sure to take the best care of them !

What happens if you do not take proper care of your shears

We get it ! You're a busy stylist, you spend your day running around and by the end of your day you're beat! So what happens if you skip that end of the day shear maintenance...

Shears that do not receive proper care can end up with a bunch of different problems. Missing one day of shear maintenance won't be the end of your shears but over time lack of care can cause you and your client to be uncomfortable. If you do not clean your shears, hair and products can build up on the blades. This build up of product and dirt can cause corrosion of the blades. This is also one of the reasons we recommend cutting clean hair. Clean hair does not have product or dirt in it that can cause damage to your hair cutting scissors. Corrosion of the blades can also happen if you do not protect them properly. Blades should be kept away from too much moisture. This is why we recommend using a scissor mat or scissor holster to hold your hair scissors during the day.

If all day you are cutting hair and you do not wipe your blades clean the hair on your shears will create a space between your two blades, which will misalign them and also dull them. The more you use your shears the quicker they will dull, the more you use them incorrectly... well they will dull even quicker . If you regularly clean your shears you can help prolong their life.

You may be doing a haircut and notice that the hair is bending, or folding. This means your shears are either dulling or the tension is wrong. Using your shears when the tension is wrong can cause damage to your blades over time. If they are too tight it means the blades are too close together and this may cause dents or nitches in the blade. This is why it is so important to clean your shears and have the right tension.

Our shears are made from high quality Japanese steel. This steel is hard and should hold a sharp edge for a while. To help maintain this sharp edge we must care for our shears, but also protect them. Often haircutting shears are just placed on a station without much care. Placing shears on a hard surface can cause damage to their blades. It is also important to never use your haircutting scissors for anything but to cut hair! Proper use of your shears is so important. Cutting even a loose thread can misalign your shears and cause damage.

Taking proper care of your hair cutting shears

Let us start off by explaining how to keep your shears in their best shape. You shears will benefit from careful handling, regular cleaning and proper shear maintenance.

How to store your shears

Quality shears are a big investment and big investments deserve extra care. All of our shears come with a protective case. A safe case will keep your shears from any damage or exposure to different damaging environmental factors. Keeping our shears dry will protect them from corroding or rusting, while keeping them neatly packed away will prevent them from being dropped. Even a small drop can damage our shears. Accidents happen but a safe case can help prevent some. We recommend keeping your scissors tucked safely away between clients and at the end of your day.

How to clean your shears

Proper cleaning of our shears can help them maintain their sharp edge longer. We recommend that you at least wipe your shears clean between every client. However it is important they get a bit of a deeper clean at least once a day ( more is better!). Every shear bought from Scissor Tech includes a soft cloth. This cloth is there to help you with your daily cleaning. Simply use the cloth to wipe your scissor blades from the inside out ( to prevent any harm to your hands). Make sure you are wiping as much hair as you can off the blades. To clean the blades take a few drops of rubbing alcohol and again wipe the blades. Rubbing alcohol is drying and will not corrode your blades. It will also protect against any cross contamination. Now your shears are nice and clean.

How to Oil your shears

Having just cleaned your shears it is now time to oil them. Daily oiling of your shears is good practice and can improve their life span. All our scissors come with shear oil and a soft brush. After cleaning, with your blades open, use a drop of shear oil at the pivot point of the scissor (where the two blades meet). Gently open and close your shears to help loosen any hair that has been left behind and then use your cleaning cloth to remove the hair and extra oil.

How to check and adjust tension

Correct tension of your shears will also affect how your shears cut. It is a must to check your tension atleast once a week.

To check your tension simply open your shears moving the thumb ring. Once the shears are open to a 90 degree angle, drop the thumb ring. If the thumb ring stays open ( or close to open) it is too tight. If the ring drops below a 20 degree angle your shears are too loose. All of our shears come with a tension adjuster. Adjust tension accordingly.

Shear maintenance

We also recommend you are diligent about your shear maintenance. Make sure you are having your shears sharpened and serviced, when it is required. It is recommended you have your shears serviced at least once every 6 months. Of course if they're feeling dull or you are experiencing any of the issues we have mentioned... call your shear person! It is important you have an experienced blade smith/ shear sharpener who you can trust with your haircutting shears. 

A Hair stylist who.....

Following the proper care of their shears, will benefit in so many ways! Your investment will last longer, you're client's will be happier... and so will you! Just remember... Your shears are your best friend and they need your love and attention to continue to best serve you! 

And as always, if you have any questions about shear maintenance.. We are here for you!

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