Why you need a scissor holster

April 06, 2022

It's towards the end of a very busy day and you're about to start your last client and you can't find your favorite comb anywhere! You look over at your station and its absolute mayhem! You have barely had a break today and it shows!

It is always great to be a busy hairdresser but so often we can get overwhelmed and our shears become our last priority. Our shears are not cheap either, so they deserve the best care we can give them. A scissor holster can be a barber or hairdresser's best friend!

What exactly is a scissor holster?

We all know what a holster is. It is a leather or fabric case usually used to hold a weapon on the person. Well, our scissors are our "weapon" of choice and we must be extra careful with them and give them the care they need.

A scissor holster is used to carry our shears on our person. They are usually made from leather or faux leather. A holster is a belt that is attached to a pouch and is made to go around your body. The pouch has loops to hold your shears, and has pockets for combs and clips. Every holster is different. Some are made to hold an abundance of tools and all your accessories, while others are more compact and hold just your favorite pair of shears and a comb, or two. Your sectioning clips can clip right on making sure you don't misplace them.

Different types of holsters

There are two main styles of scissor holsters, waist or body holsters. The waist holster is worn similar to a belt, around your waist. The body holster is usually worn across y0ur body, over your shoulder. Both will help you keep your shears and accessories more organized and both will help protect your shears. So which style would you choose?

We recommend trying out both, and see how it feels. Holsters can take a little time to get used to if you're more of a "put your shears down on your station or trolley" type. The perk of a waist holster is that it is out of your way. There is less chance of you accidentally hitting it or moving it while you are cutting hair. This is important, after all, the holster is all about convenience!

Why do we love them and so will you!

It is easy to get caught up in the moment while cutting hair and chatting away with your client. We have all seen one too many shear accidents. When you're moving as fast as Edward ScissorHands it is easy to quickly place your shears down without thinking. Repeatedly setting down your shears on a hard surface can slowly lead to damaging them. Or what about that one time you set them down a little harder ? Quality shears are crafted so precisely that sometimes a bump on a hard surface can cause them to be misaligned. This is why the scissor holster is such an important accessory. They are made out of leather or faux leather protecting your shears from damage, and making it easier to keep your holster and shears clean. The material allows them to be placed in the holster fast and easy. The scissor holster is also designed to prevent your shears from ending up on the floor, causing major damage.

Let us not forget the perk of being organized! Nothing feels quite as nice as having a well- organized station. Being able to place your shears and other accessories on your person, in one place, makes staying organized so much easier. Most scissor holsters also have a detachable belt, making it easier at the end of the day to remove your pouch and put it away. There is the extra security in knowing that when you return to your station tomorrow, everything has been put away safely and in one place.

Scissor holsters are not only practical but they are good looking as well. They come in all shapes and sizes, with different colors and patterns, to fit any hairdressers style. So you can look good while keeping your favorite tools close, clean and safe!

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