Why you need a station mat

April 20, 2022

Being a hairdresser or barber, we are often so overwhelmed with "stuff", all the latest in shears, hairdryers, flat irons, clippers.. the list goes on and on. It is so important that we take the best care of all our gear. What steps do you take to protect your most valuable tools ? Have you ever considered adding station mats to your salon or barbershop?

What is a station mat?

A station mat may seem so simple, but it can also be an incredibly helpful addition to your station. The mat is designed to give you a safe place to keep your tools. A good station mat will be made of rubber, or similar material, and is extra durable. Your mat will have a textured, anti slip surface, that is also heat resistant. They are used on your station to keep your tools, and station, safe from accidents and also everyday wear and tear. Dropped tools, spilled water, rolled clippers, these are all things that can happen without a mat to provide some help!

Why do you need one

It is easy to get lost in our haircuts and conversations and walk away from our work area with out much thought as to how we left our tools. It has been a busy day, you go and grab your next client and lead them back to your work station. In your mad rush to get your next client you've left your flat iron on your nice bench top ! A station mat can help prevent all sorts of tool mishaps!

The station mat is great for wet or dry areas. The rubber mat helps to keep moisture away from our water sensitive tools. Have you ever accidentally spilled your spray bottle ? or barbicide? The station mats raised textured surface helps to save your tools from water spills and other liquids. Unlike a towel, the mat helps by draining any liquids away from them. The mat will help keep your surface dry, and give you a safe place to leave your shears, clippers, or any of your moisture sensitive tools.

Another common error we make is placing our shears on an unprotected, hard surface. Quality shears will damage over time if constantly placed on a hard surface. These mats provide a barrier between your hard station and your shears. The rubber station mat also provides us with an anti- skid surface to prevent slipping. This ensures our shears stay on the mat and don't accidentally go sliding on to our floor, which is more common than we like to admit.

A station mat will also provide protection for our station. Wether you have a stone bench top or polished wood, the rubber will help provide protection from all sorts of mishaps. It will help protect the bench top from stains caused by heat, water, oil and other products. You spend a lot of time and money designing your salon, making sure all your surfaces are clean and perfect, so it is best to add some extra protection from scratches, scuffs and other damage.

And what about the mobile hairdresser? These mats can be a life saver. They will stay put on any surface and keep your gear safe and organized!

Barbers will benefit from these mats as well. They help provide traction to their surface. Giving you a space to place clippers, and trimmers, safely and organized. One of the benefits of this include longevity of your clippers and blades. Repeatedly placing your clippers on a hard surface can damage or misalign your blades. A mat will provide a safe place for your clippers, trimmers, shears and combs. The raised, anti slip texture will help keep your clippers from rolling on your station, or worse, on the floor.

These station mats are also designed for easy cleaning. If there is a spill or product, they are easy to remove and simply rinse with water. The rubber finish will help wick the moisture away, keep your surface dry and mold free, and have you back at your station and ready to go in no time. There is always so much cleaning to be done in a salon, this mats designed to make all that a little easier for you!

Who would have thought

That something like a mat, could help change our entire station. As hairdressers and barbers we need these mats to help make our lives just a little bit easier, and less cluttered. It is true that a quality station mat can help you keep your scissors and other tools performing their best. If our tools are working well, so are we! 

They also come in different colors, to add a little splash of color to our lives.

Love the idea of a station mat ? Check out our rangehere

We put our hearts and souls in to our work, why not put a little extra love in to our stations ?

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