Why You Should Own More Than One Hair Cutting Shear

February 12, 2023

We get it ! It can be a bit overwhelming when trying to choose the perfect pair of scissors for you. We have so many things to consider. Let us help you decide which hair cutting shears you need in your life. We promise the right pair is waiting for you !


When choosing your next pair of shears you may want to start with length. It may not seem like the length of your shears is such an important factor in your decision.. but it should be! You can achieve so many different cuts and styles with different length shears!


So you're considering a shorter shear but don't know why you need one.. well here you go. Shorter blades definitely have a place in your collection of professional scissors. A shorter shear is great for quality precision cuts. The short blades are great for adding small details to all your work. If you're cutting short hair near the ears, a shorter blade allows for you to get closer and add some point cutting, with more control. You can also use a shorter shear for point cutting throughout many different haircuts. The shorter length allows you to point cut without getting too close to your fingers. The shorter blade ensures you do not cut past your second knuckle. You can check out these quality 5 inch shears for maximum comfort and precise control -Matsui Classic Ergo Support


This Length hair shears would be considered your "regular scissors". A 5.5 inch or 6 inch pair of scissors will most likely become your go to shear. Most stylists will start out with these regular shears before moving on to different lengths. Regular shears can be used every day for every hair cut. They are especially good for cutting perimeters of any cut.

A 6 inch shear is also great for texturing. You'll find that the best quality shear for slide cutting is aMatsui VG10 Slider. This slide cutting shear is 6 inches and has a great sharp edge. This shear has a wide blade that is great for all sorts of other texturizing as well. You can use it for point cutting, feathering and of course, slide cutting.

These hairdressing shears will do most of your heavy lifting so it is important to make sure you have a good pair! Since they will be your most used we recommend considering ones with an ergonomic handle, to protect your wrists and hands. Check out ourMatsui Rose Gold Precision Shear in 5.5 inch for a great quality all rounder.The offset handle is great for preventing hand fatigue and will help reduce stress injuries in your wrists, elbows and shoulders.


A 7 inch shear is commonly known as a barber shear. But don't let that deter you away from these longer shears. Barber or hairdresser -A longer shear has a place in your hand.

A longer blade is great for blunt cuts and larger sections. When cutting a very straight line with a long blade there is less margin of error. Meaning you are opening and closing your shears less times than you would with a short blade. This means you will keep your blunt lines straighter.

The longer shear is most commonly used for scissor over comb. Scissor over comb is a technique widely used for men's hair or short womens hair. It is done by having your scissor held against and parallel to your comb. You will open and close your shears quicker than you move your comb. A longer shear will also help you take larger hair sections which will not only save time, but also keep your cuts sharp. For a quality 7 inch shear check out ourMatsui Barber Rose Gold Samurai 7 inch. This shear will keep your cuts straight and perfect.. every time!


There are different types of blades, or edges that you can benefit from adding to your scissor collection.

Convex edge

A convex edge is great for extra sharp scissors. The blades are honed with a curved arc, which creates a super fine cutting edge. Convex blade shears are great for more advanced cutting techniques, like slide cutting or texturizing. It is a more expensive edge to have on your shears and may not last as long as your other edges. The very sharp edge is almost too sharp and slides the hair more when trying to blunt cut. So if used over and over again for straight cutting techniques, it may result in a more dull blade.

Beveled edge

The beveled edge is a more straight blade. It may not feel as sharp as other edges. It is the easiest blade for any new hairdresser to use. It is flat, simple and will do the job. However, you may find that you need to use more force and pressure when cutting hair. This is why it is not for everyone. The narrow beveled edge is best used for basic hair cutting techniques.

Semi Convex edge

The edge is your most go to edge! It is sharper like a convex edge but not as sharp. This means you get the precision of the convex blade without the quick dulling. It is a great all rounder and will hold its sharp edge through every cut. This edge is great for wet or dry cutting. Perfect for your everyday use.

Serrated Edge

The serrated edge may be harder to come across, but it also has its purpose. A serrated edge blade looks like a straight blade with little tiny cuts in it. The little tiny cuts will be placed on the cutting blade only. These serrations help to keep the hair in the shear. This is great for barbers when doing scissor over comb, or new hairdressers learning how to cut hair. It leaves less room for error. However, you can not use this blade for all techniques. This edge will cause pulling when trying to slide cut, or point cut the hair, leaving your clients hair with split ends.

Texturizing and Thinning Shears

Texturizing Shears

A texturizing shear will be a great addition to your collection. Texture shears have anywhere from 5-15 teeth. These wider teeth are great for adding chunky texture to any cut. You can use them to break up blunt bangs or add more texture to a shag haircut.

Thinning Shears

A good pair of thinning scissors is a must ! Thinning scissors will have anywhere between 20-40 teeth. These closely set teeth are commonly used for removing weight in thicker hair. You can use them for removing weight from the ends, or the interior. They're great for blending shorter cuts and are a must have for barbers.

What hair cutting shears will you choose?

We always recommend having more than one pair of scissors. There are many reasons for this. One being of course it is always great to have a back up pair, in case your main pair needs to be sharpened. But why do we suggest having different lengths and types of blades? Well one main reason is you don't use the same knife to cut all your food do you ? So why would you use the same shear to cut all different hair! Don't worry we are here to help you pick the different shears for you . Check out one of our trio bundles to help add more shears to your life!

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