Colorful Scissors & Shears

Having a coloured set of shears is obviously fun and keeps it above the standard boring pair, however it can be overwhelming choosing the right pair! Which is why we have created a fun little summary to help with the process of getting your new shears! Happy shopping!!

Hey Scissor tech friends! Are you looking for your next perfect pair of scissors but a little stuck on WHAT to get? Well let us help you! We have nothing but the best on hand, from a vibrant, elegant and fun range of professional hairdressing scissors. Having not one, not two but multiple different colours and styles we are sure you’ll find your perfect pair!


What to Expect

Did someone say colour!? Whether you’re looking to add a splash of colour in your scissor case or looking to start your collection - how can you go past our coloured range of scissors!? Ranging from the ever so sheike classy black, to rose gold, neon pink, and of course RAINBOW! With different finishes including matte, shiney or iridescent were almost certain you’ll find your perfect pair! So have a browse at our huge selection and see what grabs your attention. What do we have to offer? Keep reading below to find out more:

  • Precision shears. These should be your go-to product for all the intricate cuts. They have shorter blades and larger handles for optimal comfort. Scissor blades are pointed and razor-sharp. Made of stainless steel, you can choose a shiny or a matte finish., whatever your heart desires!
  • Hair thinning shears. What's the secret to the sleek, soft, and blended haircut? The answer is: the right pair of hair thinning scissors. They help you quickly get rid of the excess weight of hair, blend the ends ever so nicely, and give the hair that airy feel. Depending on the number of teeth, you'll get different results, so pay attention to specific designs. For efficient excess hair removal, choose the widest set (between 7-15 teeth). Pick scissors with 15-22 teeth if you want to give any haircut a seamless, blended finish. If you want texture and airiness, opt for shears with 25 or more teeth.
  • Offset shears. They have a shortened handle shank with a thumb ring and feature an angled handle area. Many hairdressers find them very convenient. Pick your favorite color and buy a pair of offset shears if you're used to holding them with your ring finger. The design ensures your hand adjusts nicely to the handle with every cut you make.
  • Swivel shears. Some claim it's the most comfortable and ergonomic type. That's because swivel shears allow you to automatically correct your position while you're cutting hair, and let you use your natural range of motion. Keeping in mind the swivel is not for everyone!
  • Left-handed shears. Are you tired of constantly being afraid you'll give someone a wrong haircut? We have the right tools for all our lefties in here! Choose your favorite color and trim away.
  • Combo sets. Do you need more than one type of colorful scissor to add to your collections? Pick our carefully composed sets with two or three different pairs of shears. If you buy an entire set, you'll save some money, and your scissors will fit your color scheme.

Our Brands

Here at Scissor Tech, we believe that the key to a successful hairdressing career lies in constant practice and impeccable equipment. We offer you the best brands and high-end quality with a pinch of sass and style. Don't be afraid to go against the current. Buy our colorful scissors and combo sets now!

In case you don't know which shears to buy or need our assistance in any other regard, feel free to contact us. We'll answer all your questions, and we'll help you pick the best scissors to suit your needs. Reach out to us for more information!