Matte Black Shears & Scissors

Did someone say Matte Black!? Matte Black is the New Black. This fabulous finish has a dramatic look that instantly emits professionalism. You don't have to spend your entire hairdressing career using the standard silver scissors. The matte black design is sleek and elegant - it's clear to see why it might dethrone silver one day!

The matte black hairdressing scissors are one of our favorites. Time and time again these head-turning hair shears have proven to be an all-time favorite among our clients as well. That's why we offer you an extensive collection of different types of hairdressing scissors - think about the type you need, and we’re almost certain you will be able to find it on our website! Browse our selection below and for another top choice color, take a look at our Rose Gold Shears, here.


Our Offer

We know that there are many people visiting our website. Some of them are professionals with decades-long experience, and others are just starting out their hairdressing career. We're excited for people at all career stages, and we're ready to provide them all with just the right products. After you check out our list, you may be wondering, who needs so many scissors? The answer is - maybe it's you! Our offer is so extensive because we want to cater to everyone, regardless of their experience. So, if you want to add matte black shears to your inventory, check out a list of products you can find on our website:

  • Offset shears. These are a hairdressing staple. If you prefer holding your shears with a ring finger, they would be perfect for you! Their design gives you freedom of movement and makes your grip more relaxed.
  • Swivel shears. This is a go-to type for many hairdressers. The design of swivel shears lets you freely adjust the position of your wrist, elbow, and shoulder and makes your range of movements more relaxed. Are these the most ergonomic scissors you've ever worked with? Buy a pair and find out!
  • Precision shears. With their larger handles and shorter, razor-sharp blades, Matsui precision shears are perfect for detailed, intricate cuts.
  • Hair thinning scissor. If you want to give each haircut a beautiful, seamless finish, these are simply a must. Hair thinning scissors have one blade with teeth and one blade without. Depending on the number of teeth and their spacing, you'll get a different end result. For quick and effortless removal of the excess weight of the hair, choose chunking shears with 7 to 15 widely spaced teeth. Use finishing shears with 15 to 22 teeth if you want to achieve that soft, blended finish and smooth the ends of the hair. Or, you can opt for texturizing shears with at least 25 teeth (sometimes you'll find even more). They're perfect for finishing touches and let you create that airy, lightweight texture.
  • Slider shears. Their unique blade shape lets you perform various hair cutting techniques, such as feathering, texturizing, and point cutting. The ones we have in our offer feature an offset handle and a finger rest for a more relaxed, ergonomic experience.
  • Sword shears. Their wide mountain blade and a sleek, elegant profile is great for techniques such as slide and blunt cutting. They also feature a finger rest and an offset handle.
  • Barber shear and razors. We've got something for hairdressers with an exclusively male client base. Put our tools to the test and wow your clients with every hairdo.
  • Left handed scissor. We wouldn't be ourselves if we let our lefties to be left out here! That's why we included a wide range of left-handed scissors for all the left-handed hairdressers. You'll never miss out on the fun and the most trendy shear designs at Scissor Tech. Think about the type of scissors you need - chances are we have it in a left-handed version.
  • Matte black scissor sets. Ultimately, you may want to buy more than just one pair of matte black shears. Their beautiful design makes it clear to see why! Your hairdressing tools will match, and you'll have a number of high-quality scissors made from high-end Japanese stainless steel or steel alloys. Besides, it's cheaper to buy an entire set than purchase each item individually.

Scissor Maintenance Dos and Don’ts

By now you should probably know that buying professional hair cutting scissors is not the cheapest deal. Chances are you're about to spend (or you've spent already) a significant amount of money in order to complete your professional inventory. As such, it's important that you keep your new hairdressing equipment in the best shape possible. Below, you'll find some of the best and worst practices when it comes to scissor maintenance. Read on!


  • Clean your scissors regularly, preferably right after each use.
  • Lubricate your scissors with shear oil.
  • Sharpen your hairdressing tools regularly. Depending on your needs and how often you use them, do it once every 6-24 months. If you don't know how to do it yourself, reach out to a professional sharpening service.
  • To clean your hair cutting scissors, use a soft, clean cloth and wipe the blades carefully after each use. Don't forget about that shear oil and lubrication.
  • Keep an eye on your scissors - make sure you always know where they are. After each use, put them in a protective case and store them in a dry place. At Scissor Tech, we can help you with that directly! We add a dedicated Scissor Tech case to each order, and sometimes throw in some useful accessories as well. Our package may include spare finger inserts, scissor oil, tension adjuster, or a cleaning cloth to name a few.


  • Don't put your scissors away when they're still wet or dirty.
  • Don't lubricate your scissors with oils other than dedicated shear oils.
  • Don't cut your clients' hair with dull, nicked scissors. You'll end up bending or pulling the hair, and you'll ruin the haircut.
  • Don't use toxic chemicals to clean your hairdressing shears. Also, don't put your tools in contact with substances like color solution, sterilization liquid, or perm - these chemicals can damage your scissors, especially their beautiful matte coating, and cause corrosion.
  • Don't leave your scissors lying around in random places. Also, don't leave them unattended and avoid dropping them on the floor. You definitely don't want to risk not keeping them in their protective case or not knowing where they are whatsoever. They were quite pricey after all!

Our Brands

Here at Scissor Tech, we believe that high-quality products can immensely boost your hairdressing experience. After all, you can do a haircut with scissors that cost a couple of dollars, but the final result will never be the same. Luckily for you, we've got you covered in almost every aspect of your professional equipment! Regardless of the stage of your career, you'll find professional hairdressing scissors and razors with a beautiful matte black finish. It's a sure-fire way to show off your attitude and individualism. Whether you want to buy our products separately or as a set, it's up to you - we guarantee you'll be satisfied with your choice. In case you have any questions or doubts regarding any product in our offer, don't hesitate to reach out to us. We'll gladly answer your questions and help you pick the most suitable pieces of equipment. Feel free to read reviews written by many of our satisfied clients. Thank you for shopping at Scissor Tech!

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