German Hair Shears

Let's talk German... Shears! German shears in the hairdressing industry have been around for years, a well known brand being Jaguar have had experience in the industry for over 100 years dating back to 1932 and still going strong. German scissors are very unique in the sense that are most designs, especially a few of the jaguar designs are for an acquired person that is either used to the design or find them simply comfortable. Be sure to know what you're buying before buying your new hair shears because if you find them uncomfortable then you risk early injury in your career of hairdressing. 

The Jaguar range of scissors are popular between both hairdressers and barbers of the hairdressing world and have their similar yet unique design that will let you spot a jaguar from a mile away! With their extensive range or designs and prints you can be sure to find your perfect match.


Range of German hair shears

German shears much like the newly upcoming Gluck range from Scissor Tech generally have small serration on the blade of the scissor allowing for optimum control when making those quick snips and precision attention to detail. The manufacturers of the Gluck range have ensured the best, cleanest, strongest high quality blades of the range. While making sure the price is right and the cuts are clean how can Germany do any wrong with these scissors? We think not.

However, do not worry because not all of them have the serration on the scissor, the serration is usually best for the blunt cuts or the classic scissor over comb method. The Gluck range also comes with a straight smooth edged blade designed of course for slide cutting or your normal standard cuts - the choice is yours of course!

German steel and quality scissors

Any hairdresser or barber generally do their research before buying their first or next pair of hair scissors. Whether they are German made or German steel we can assure you that you will get not only a quality shear but also the longevity of the shear itself to last you many years of your hairdressing career, with of course the proper care taken for the shear. Be it Germany or Japan the scissor is made in or from, the care taken of the scissor is crucial to ensure you get the best out of your shear.

German scissors are made from one of the hardest steel around, with hard beveled edges. Made from the best quality steel, they are typically one of the better choices before any other ‘cheaply made’ scissors. German scissors are designed with a very strong, hard beveled edge to allow for fast cutting all day long.

If you’re wondering what a hard beveled edge has to do with it? It grips the hair, and gives the blade a tougher edge to handle opening and closing causing any damage to the blade or hair while cutting scissor over comb all day long.

Most barbers tend to go for the German range as they are typically busier than the average salon and power through more cuts in a day, which is why it is good to have a scissor with a hard beveled edge. This being said as stated above the German designs are designed to give a clean and pristine cut time and time again without pulling on hair when being combed and cut through.

Our promise to you.

Here at Scissor Tech we promise to provide you with only the best of the best hair scissors available on the market. We strongly believe that high-quality tools are a must have for every professional hair stylist. That's why we provide you with a wide range of products clearly including the tools you know and love... German scissors! Any of our scissors here are sure to bring your haircutting experience and skills to the next level of your hairdressing career.

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