Joewell FX Pro Black Titanium Series


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Once again Joewell came through with an amazing pair of shears that every hairdresser should have in their collection. If we were to describe Joewell’s FX-PRO Black Titanium Series in just a few words, we would say that they are lightweight, ultra-sharp, sword-edged shears with an innovative handle design.

The sword blade of this fabulous shear isn't just named after its sharpness, but also after its special design, which was inspired by hundreds of years of Samurai sword-making. The front blade has an angled sword edge and the back blade is flat, so it sits flush against the comb and hair panel, giving you extra accuracy and stability.
The FX-PRO also features the dry-bearing screw system - a special lubricated pivot made from lightweight resin, which ultimately means you get the smoothest and quietest action you've ever felt.

The unique three-dimensional handle design with a twisted thumb ring (see profile image below) encourages natural movement of the hands, fingers, and elbow, reducing strain and improving your posture, reducing the risk of an injury.

  • Sword & Flat Blade Design
  • 3D Style Grip
  • Black Titanium Coating
  • Natural Movement for Thumb & Elbow
  • Offset Handle Design
  • Low-Profile Tension Screw
  • Convex Edge
  • Lifetime Warranty

Returns Policy

If after ordering you decide that this pair of shears is not exactly your cup of tea, you can always contact us in order to get a refund or exchange it for a different item. The only requirement is that you do it within 7 days of receiving the product.

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