Left Handed Shears & Sets

Are you looking for professional hairdressing left handed shears? Look no further! At Scissor Tech, you’ll find a wide selection of products coming from trusted brands, Matsui Shears, Yasaka, & Jaguar Scissors. Our current hair scissors range includes left-handed hair thinning scissors, barber scissors, and scissors for ladies' cuts. Bearing the names of Matsui, Yasaka, and Jaguar, each pair of lefty scissors is made with the finest materials and the most advanced engineering, and we promise that with their help, you’ll get every haircut just right!

If there's a pair of left-handed hair cutting shears you are particularly interested in that isn't on this page, don't hesitate to contact us; we may have some already specially designed to fit your needs. And if not, we can likely attain them for you.


Why Choose Left Handed Hairdressing Scissors?

Whether you're a professional hairdresser who cut hair of thousands of clients already or are just taking your first steps, you should know that getting the right tools is crucial; otherwise, you’ll risk failing to make the wildest dreams of your clients come true, and that’s a big no-no. As you complete your set, you need to pay attention to various features - which brand and type will fit your style? What color should you get, black or rose gold? With so many great options available on the market, your decision won't be easy, and when it comes to the color, you might end up asking a significant portion of your friends which shears do they like better (we’ve certainly been there!).

However, there's an important factor that should influence your choice. If you're a left-handed person, you should get left handed hairdressing scissors. It sounds so painfully obvious, but a surprising number of people who are just starting their haircutting journey forget to factor this important detail, and we would like to save you from feeling regret.

Finding a pair of scissors and a brand you trust can be challenging, sure, but luckily for you, you’ve ended up at Scissor Tech, and we are sure as hell that reviews and expert opinions on our website will make your choice easier. Please reach out to us if you have any questions regarding a specific brand, our products, shipping, or any other issue you have in mind. We'll be happy to share our knowledge and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

Left-Handed Scissors: What Is the Difference?

When it comes to hairdressing tools, we can't stress enough how important proper equipment is. If you're left-handed, you probably have struggled your whole life with items designed - by default - for right-handed people. Life ain’t perfect, but if you get a left handed version of hair scissors in your inventory, your life will be free of at least some stress.

Left-handed scissors have their blades reversed. What the heck does it mean? It’s fairly simple - the top blade is always on the left side, allowing you to see your cutting line. Adding to that, you can naturally squeeze your hand and push the blades together, rather than apart. As such, your cuts will always be clean, instead of bending the hair in between the blades, and we definitely wouldn’t want that.

How to Take Care of Your Left Handed Hairdressing Scissors?

Getting a professional set of hair scissors can be a significant investment, we cannot argue with that. However, buying high-quality products is your best bet to ensure your clients will come back to you in droves - the reputation of the most prestigious brands wasn’t built for no reason. That’s why we’ll continue to repeat like a broken record: maintaining your trusty set and favorite shears is extremely important.

Whenever your shears get dull, you risk tearing the hair instead of cutting it. That's why you need to keep them sharp. We know that remembering about it might not be easy, but ideally, you should service them at least once a year. Additionally, you should know that some scissors require professional equipment to get sharpened properly, which could make things a bit more complicated.

Also, establish a maintenance routine after each use of your left-handed scissors. Make sure they're tensioned correctly, clean and oil them regularly. Don't forget about storing them in a safe, sanitary place. Is it worth the effort? Absolutely yes. If you want them to last you for ages, you should treat them accordingly.

Our Brands

Here at Scissor Tech, we believe that only by providing you with high-quality products, you get the best chance to succeed as a hairdresser and build your reputation on great hairstyles and spectacular makeovers. On our website, you'll find left-handed scissors and sets from some of the most famous brands in the world, like Matsui Shears, Yasaka, and Jaguar Scissors. If you are looking for products with great design, but also made of high-quality materials, we are fairly certain that you’ll find the shears of those companies to be a perfect match for your needs.

If you happen to have any doubts, please contact us for more information. We're always available to answer your questions about our products, shipping, and other offers.

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