Whole Sale Hair Cutting Scissors

Are you in the hair sales industry? Have you ever wondered if you can sell scissors but receive them at a better price? Or are you a shear sharpener that likes to carry stock to sell to customers and are in search of a wholesaler? Well lucky for you scissor tech are the people to go to with questions like these because they have the answer! We sell shears at wholesale price, who would have thought!? Scissor tech do more than just sell scissors to hairdressers and barbers, we sell to a wide range of people so we can accommodate to nearly everyone's needs and wants. With a huge selection of professional, high quality hair cutting shears to choose from along with multiple colors and designs, it makes us your one stop shop for all things shears.

Who can Wholesale hair cutting shears?

  • Scissor Sharpeners
  • Cosmetology Schools
  • Salon Supply Stores
  • Large Salons
  • Trade only Stores

So we need to address this topic with all seriousness, As much as we'd love to say anyone can get wholesale shears, unfortunately that's not the case. To be able to wholesale hair shears, its much like your everyday businesses. As everyone knows it's likely every trading company gets things at a cheaper rate (certainly not free) as long as they are some what in the industry. So, the same goes for hairdressing shears, as long as you are in the hairdressing industry and can prove you are with any form of business registration or paperwork then contact us and we can set you up with our wholesale pricing of shears.

We spoke a lot about "the hair industry' but what do we mean about that you ask? Well, to put it simple, we mean either product suppliers, salon supplies, professional scissor sharpeners, Large salons, Cosmetology Schools, trade stores and basically anything else you would think revolving around hair are able to get wholesale priced hair cutting shears to be able to sell to hairdressers or barbers.

However, we feel that mainly professional scissor sharpeners and trade only stores benefit the most from being able to receive wholesale hair cutting shears. Shear sharpeners mainly benefit by being able to go from salon to salon sharpening all hair cutting scissors and at the same time potentially updating or upgrading the hairdressers or barbers scissors while they're there providing the shear sharpening service, or the stylists may just want a brand spanking new shears that already has its sharp blades ready to go and who knows, you may find they might even do a deal for the right price that fits both hairdresser or barber and the professional scissor sharpeners while providing their sharpening service. If your customers are buying from a shear sharpener at least they can be guaranteed the scissors will be sharp, if it's not sharp then well clearly the sharpener is in the wrong industry.

Trade stores on the other hand, will also benefit but not as much the professional scissor sharpeners. The trade stores are good for the sake of having multiple options available to look at with higher stock on hand, but if your customers are a visual and hands on type of person then a lot of the customers will prefer coming to a shop to be able to touch and feel the quality of the scissors and not have to worry about waiting for the shear sharpener to come to them. However, just like the trade stores, shear sharpening companies can carry stock around and be even more convenient by going to the place of the customers work and show them the shears in person because remember trade stores like any stores have business hours so some customers might not be able to get to the store in time.


Advantages of Wholesaling

What are the advantages you ask? When you run a business selling a service or products its not always going to be smooth sailing which is why its good to know you have your supplier (us at scissor tech) to help with all things scissors like for example if they aren't as sharp as what they should be upon receiving them (which rarely happens), the stylist that bought the product aren't happy and want to return it without costing you to replace the item, or plain and simple your getting high quality products at a cheaper price.

When you or anyone does any type of business with Scissor tech, we ensure everyone is happy all around which is why we have such a thorough and friendly customer service team ready waiting to help. Want to get in touch? Send us an email hello@scissortech.com and we can answer and questions you may have.

The absolute best advantage? Well, If you're a shear sharpener you can be confident that the stock you carry around from salon to salon is nothing but the best for your customers and will always be on hand ready for you.


How to get in contact to wholesale?

So when it comes to stainless steel, good quality hair cutting scissors and thinning scissors at all the right prices, you've done all the searching possible, you've ended up here on the right page at the right time.

You may be new at this or its not your first rodeo regardless where you're at with the wholesaling world, we're here to help. So to answer your question, it's simple! Just send us an email to our friendly customer service team hello@scissortech.com and we can help you get started right away! If you're not already, follow us on our social media pages and stay up to date with our extensive collection.

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