How To Use Blending Shears

December 08, 2020

So we meet again, how much do you want to know? What do you want to know? All of it!? Alrighty sit tight and read up! When it comes to blending shears there are many techniques used to create different styles, remove weight from thick hair or bulky ends, texturizing and blending.

To use a blending shear is so broadly used but when using the shears for the right thing the results are just beautiful! Blending shears also known as texturizing shears or thinning shears are usually the greatest to remove weight especially in techniques like scissor over comb or my favorite a to add texture to a bob haircut that may not necessarily need texture added but a little blending never goes astray with texture.

OK, I'll get to the good part now. To use a blending shear you need to determine what you're using it for. If it's for blending a section on one side of a short cut your best to use your thinning shears.

However, it's for blending thick hair and a layered cut sometimes you're better to use your texture shears. Take for example when cutting with your thinning shears it's best to use your comb to comb out any excess hair that may get caught in the rest of the hair, even using your hand to pull/comb out any of the already cut hair, that way you won't be cutting hair that's already detached.

(It's not like a straight blade scissor cut where the hair falls easily; you need to guide the rest of the hair out with your comb and or hand.)

Blue back ground silver Swarovski scissors

Are thinning shears and blending shears the same?

Honestly, in a way yes. When it comes to blending vs thinning shears there are many techniques that can make blending hair a piece of cake! A great blending technique is when the haircut is finished and you are going over to cross-check your work and thin or blend where you may need it is to simply stand back from your work and see if weight needs to be taken out or not. If it isn't a lot, then your thinning shear is your best bet.

If it is a lot then your text shear is best used to take away that unwanted weight without disturbing the cut.

Thinning scissors and blending scissors are literally pretty much the same because again it’s not the type of shear you are using to remove unwanted weight but it's the technique on how you use your 'blending shear'.

No shear, blending shear or thinning shear or texturizing shear can magically blend work. (No matter how many fancy words you put at the front of the word shear or scissors) You may ask how to use blending shears to thin out hair, but I'm here telling you that there is no way to cheat cutting hair with a pair of 'blending scissors'.

Gold Swivel

How do you use blending shears on short hair?

I've said many times already how to use it is down to the techniques you use when using your 'blending shear' However the most common technique used obviously scissors over comb.

It helps take away unwanted weight and gives different weighted looks on either side of the hair cut but again depending on what cut you're trying to achieve at the time. The look I have in my head right now is a short back and sides, funky bob with different textured lengths on top. Do you see what I see?

Keeping in mind if you remove too much weight it can cause the style to be lost and it not look funky at all!

Blending shears or as I like to call them texturizing or thinning shears will determine how hair cuts will turn out from the number of teeth they have. For example, A thinning shear can have up to 40 teeth on the one shear but keeping in mind it’s on only one of the blades, the other blade is usually straight.

Whereas a texturizing shear can have as little as 7 teeth on the shear when cutting with these scissors though extra care is normally taken each time because a lot more hair is removed due to the fewer teeth on the shear.

triple set of pink matsui scissor on top of magazine

Can you use thinning shears on yourself?

Look you can but it's not ideal. I mean sure, you can hold the shear and sure you can get a section of hair, but do you have the bird's eye view of your hair? Are you willing to lose an amount of hair unexpectedly if you can't see the length of your hair from the back? did you answer no to both of those questions?

Good, I hope you did. Chipping into the ends of your hair is I guess a little harmless if you know what you're doing but when you whip that blending shear out you may not like the amount of hair that will come off.

If repeatedly snipped in the same area you also run the risk of losing the length of your hair. Just because you think it's a blending shear does not mean cutting your own hair with it is any safer than cutting your own hair with a pair of normal straight blade scissors.

Unfortunately, this is the real world and we make it our job to learn the right and wrong way of cutting with thinning, texturizing and straight blade cutting shear on the hair.

Girl holding scissors away from hair flick

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