How to Use Different Hairdressing Scissors for Different Hair Techniques

May 02, 2019

Just as how you would need different tools for different occasions, you also need different pairs of professional hairdressing scissors depending on the type of haircut. Not all hairdressing tools are the same. They are designed with different materials and features to help you achieve the desired hairstyle with professional results every single time. Let’s check out the different types of hairdressing scissors that we offer for popular haircutting techniques!

Thinning and Texturising

As a hairdresser, you will probably encounter a lot of clients with thick and coarse hair that request to thin and texturise their hair. Using your normal tool to cut voluminous hair is a no-go. You’ll need professional hairdressing thinners that are specifically designed for texturising.

Thinner scissors usually have teeth or notches on one side, while the other side is a smooth blade. Using thinners ensure that there is less damage for the hair compared to using razors to thin out the hair. We offer a wide range of thinner scissors and texturizing scissors which are designed to give you a clean and precise haircut every time thanks to the premium grade steel.

Matsui Matte Black 14 Tooth Offset Thinner – Scissor Tech

Scissor Over Comb

If you find yourself using the scissor over the comb technique for most hairstyles, then it is recommended that you use long hairdressing scissors as the length is great for basic trimming.Anything scissors with a length over 6 inches are great for this technique. We carry reputable brands such as Matsui, Joewell and Yasaka, all of which sell long blades that will surely give you professional results for every haircut.

Matsui Matte Black Samurai 7 Inch – Scissor Tech

Intricate Styles

When it comes to complex haircuts that require more attention and detail, you can’t go past smaller scissors. Stick to 4.5 to 5.5 inches when buying smaller hairdressing scissors as they offer a more detailed and accurate cut. Our range of hairdressing supplies are also ergonomic and made with grip handles, which provide more control over the cut. Check out Matsui for a varied range of small
hairdressing scissors!

Matsui Rainbow Scissor – Scissor Tech

Straight Line Cutting

Your fingers need to be steady and out of the way when it comes to blunt haircuts. It is recommended that you choose hairdressing scissors that have an angled handle area with short handles for precision and control. Matsui offer fully offset scissors that are super stylish and comfortable, and so they are perfectly suitable for this technique.

2018 Matsui Matte Black Aichei Mountain Offset Scissors – Scissor Tech

Point Cutting

Straight set hairdressing scissors with thumb rings that align on top of each other are recommended for point cutting to seamlessly thin out the bulk of the hair and blend layers in. The straight angle of the handle will eliminate awkward hands and provide more comfort than offset or crane handle when you’re point cutting.

Yasaka 7 Inch Straight Blade – Scissor Tech

Still unsure about which hairdressing scissors are best suited for you? Think about the daily hair services you provide to your clients. Do you have a signature hair technique that you constantly use every day? What is the most popular hairstyle that you get requested by your clients? Is your salon known for providing a particular hair technique?

Once you’ve figured out which scissors to buy, head to Scissor Tech to check out all the hairdressing tools we offer for all of the above technique!

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