Discover The Century-Old Joewell Shears

October 17, 2020

There’s not too many businesses in the world that can lay claim to being over 100 years old. It’s an impressive achievement. But not all that surprising when you consider the quality of products Joewell produces.

For over a century hairdressers and barbers have been enjoying the superior quality of Joewell Shears.

Joewell Shears, 100 Years Of History

Originally called Tokosha, the company was established in 1917 by a young man, Toyosaku Inoue in Fukuoka, Japan. Tokosha started out producing medical cutting tools but started crafting barber scissors in 1921. It was the Year of the Rooster and the rooster remains as part of the logo today.

The Joewell brand began in 1975 when the popularity of the scissors and shears had soared and over 200 models were being exported to hair salons in the US, Europe and Asia. Between 2006-2009, Joewell collected the Good Design Award and in 2007 was named one of 300 of Japan’s Vibrant Manufacturing SMEs. Today Joewell’s master craftsmen produce shears and scissors that are available in 50 countries.

Where Are Joewell Shears Made?

Joewell uses Japanese craftsmen to manufacture their shears in a factory in Iwate, Japan.

Do They Use 440c Steel?

Yes. Joewell uses one of the highest quality steels, 440C, to produce their shears. The 440C steel has the highest carbon content and is heat treated to increase its hardness, making it ideal for knife and scissor blades.

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Are Joewell shears available online?

Yes. At Scissor Tech, we stock several models of Joewell on our online shops around the world. We make sure to have the most popular models of Joewell shears and scissors sets fully stocked. View our international locations.

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Joewell Scissors Shear Sets

Joewell has one of the largest collections of hairdressing shears available. They have every type, style of design, and a few different colours to choose from. Some of their scissors are still selling well after being designed three decades ago. Others were designed in recent years with fancy finishes.

If you’re looking for quality on a budget, you can’t go past Joewell hair cutting scissors sets.

Minimise stress and fatigue with this lightweight Japanese stainless steel cutting scissors.

A beautiful but hard rose gold finish is included in the product’s lifetime warranty. The screw cover is an anti-scratch diamond-like coating. The black titanium and rubber finger rest is removable.

Choose the best fit for your hand – 5 inch, 5.5 inch or 6 inch.

If rose gold isn’t really your colour and you’d prefer something to match your mood, you’ll appreciate this black number. The titanium finish scissors feature a sword blade with the front blade having an angled sword edge and the back blade is flat so it sits neatly against the comb and hair panel for accuracy and stability.

The 3D handle design allows for natural movement of the hands, fingers and elbow.

Choose from 5 inch, 5.5 inch or 6 inch sizes.

Staying with the black theme, the cobalt-infused steel provides durability and sharpness to this classic pair of scissors.

The finely honed razor sharp blades have helped make these shears a popular choice for over 30 years.

The smooth cutting action makes them ideal for point, slide and dry cutting.

Choose from 5.5 or 6 inch scissors.

The ZN series was created on the back of the results from a hairdressers survey. The sword blade design and convex edge was part of the hairdressers’ wish list.

The lightweight shears are made from a blend of molybdenum and other alloys making it a beautifully balanced shear perfect for blunt or point cutting on wet or dry hair.

The chrome finish also has an anti-scratch diamond like coating.

Cobalt-infused steel scissors that also have a 30 year history with hairdressers. The razor-sharp blade offers smooth cutting ideal for point, slide and dry cutting. The standard shaped handles have a removable finger rest.

The not often seen size of 4.5 inches is ideal for hairdressers with petite hands.

There’s also a 5 inch and 6 inch option.

Soft textured cuts are easier with the curved blade which can work in either direction.

The symmetric handles have a finger rest on each.

Available in 5 inch and 5.5 inch sizes.

The lightweight smooth action of these swivel shears add to the ultimate comfort available with the swivel handles.

The long lasting blade has a convex edge.

Available in 5 inch, 5.5 inch or 6 inch with a choice of green or pink finger inserts.

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Joewell Thinning Shears

Choose from the following three thinners, all with different cut ratios.

Joewell’s patented 40 teeth design has a less than 5% cut ratio. It allows you to reduce the volume of hair by cutting from the root without risking damage to the hair shaft. Made from supreme Japanese steel.

The design has two removable finger rests.

This ergonomic shaped blender has an offset handle design and a removable finger rest. With a 35% cut ratio it will take out far more than the SNT 40.

The lightweight stainless steel blender has a dry bearing tension system and a coating that has an exceptional feel.

A 14 tooth shear with a 40-50% cut ratio, the HXG can cut on a vertical or diagonal angle without the risk of getting the hair caught in the shears.

The 6 inch supreme Japanese steel shears have a super oil polymer pivot point to ensure a smooth open and closing action. The tension screw is easy to adjust.


If you like the idea of cutting with shears that combine 100 years of craftsmanship with the latest technology, try a Joewell.

You’ll be in good company as thousands of hairdressers and barbers around the world using Joewell shears. If you’re struggling to make a decision, don’t worry about making a mistake.

You’re covered by our seven day return policy. Return for an exchange or refund if for any reason the scissors you choose aren’t quite right.

Thanks for visiting Scissor Tech!

Please get in touch for any questions you have about our pink hair shears line.

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