Review: Best Professional Hairdressing Shears in 2024

August 06, 2019

Want to get a cut that’s perfectly precise thanks to professional shears? Buying the best hair cutting scissors means you’re looking for razor-sharp edges, comfort, or different blades that suit your cutting style. Knowing what size and kind of hair scissors helps you get an absolutely clean cut, but it can also reduce hand fatigue.

If you’re new to the world of hairdressing, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get an amazing pair of shears. However, the best Japanese scissors and other high-end brands do cost a bit more than your typical beginner shears.

This guide walks you through the best hairdressing shears in terms of blades, sharpness, durability, and design, and you can look through our buyer’s guide to learn more about what types of blades are best for hair cutting and other features to look for.


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Matsui Shears

We love the Matsui brand for its fearless design and commitment to fun shears that use high-quality materials.

Take a look at our Matsui Shears unboxing video to see them in motion!

Matsui Precision Shears

Since 1998, this brand has created a high-quality shear that you’ll find in most salons today, especially if the stylist prefers sharp Japanese shears. You can find these shears simply look beautiful in hand thanks to rose gold hues or even pink gold styles. Read our rose gold scissors guide.

Matsui shears come in a wide variety of blades and colors, but they traditionally feature a convex blade from Hitachi 440C steel.



Everything you need to know about Matsui Precision Shears

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For the look and style of the Matsui shear, is more affordable than you think. These professional shears are high-grade without the high price tag. They’re made from Hitachi 440C Japanese stainless steel and come with a lifetime warranty. The Precision Cutting Shear from Matsui is one of their top sellers. You can choose varies sizes, and it comes in multiple colors, including a matte black and rose gold along with the classic silver.

These shears are perfect for any hair cutting techniques you might have or want to try. They’re extremely sharp and have a simple, sleek design. The package not only has the shears, but it also includes a razor, spare blades, shear oil, cleaning cloth, tension adjuster, and even spare finger inserts.

These shears feel so balanced in hand that you’ll quickly be able to cut away without feeling any hand fatigue either. You’ll love the look of these shears, and your clients will love the results.


  • Beautiful sleek design
  • Great value for money
  • Multiple colors to choose from
  • Various sizing
  • Includes everything you need in one package, including spare blades and shear oil


  • More blade options would be nice

Matsui Aichei Mountain Rose Gold Triple Set

Everything you need to know about Matsui Aichei Mountain Rose Gold Triple Set

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Matsui Rose Gold Aichei Mountain hairdressing shears are a lighter weight beautiful, elegant scissors are made from high quality cobalt infused steel which is great for slide cutting as it stays sharp for longer.

The mountain blade really helps push the hair onto the fine razor sharp cutting edge, while also adding rigidity to the scissor which is great for point cutting, feathering, and texturising.

The Aichei Mountain blunt cutter, reduces wrist and shoulder strain and provide's a better angle for all your scissor over comb and blunt cutting work.

The offset handle in both shears brings the thumb into a natural position for cutting and the solid finger rest can never come loose and get lost. The tension system creates an extra smooth feel to the scissors.

Includes the following:

  • 5.5 Inch Matsui Rose Gold Aichei Mountain Cutting shear
  • 6 Inch Matsui Rose Gold Aichei Mountain Cutting shear
  • 6 Inch Matsui Rose Gold Aichei Mountain Thinning shear
  • Case, Razor, spare blades, shear oil, cleaning cloth, tension adjuster, and spare finger inserts

Matte Black Damascus Offset Scissor Thinner Combo

Everything you need to know about Matte Black Damascus Offset Scissor Thinner Combo

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Matsui Damascus scissors are handmade from 17 layers of premium Damascus Japanese steel. Which is great for slide cutting, blunt cutting and all round use as it stays sharp for longer.

The offset handle in both scissors brings the thumb into a natural position for cutting and the solid finger rest can never come loose and get lost. The tension system creates an extra smooth feel to the scissors.

Includes The following

  • 5.5" or 6" Inch Matsui Matte Black Damascus offset scissor
  • 6 Inch Matsui Matte Black Damascus offset thinning scissor
  • Case, Razor, spare blades, scissor oil, cleaning cloth, tension adjuster, and spare finger inserts

Yasaka Shears

For shears made in Japan for precision hair stylists, Yasaka is a household name. This is an iconic shear brand that uses Japanese steel for all of their scissors. By using smart technology to create sleek designs and sharp blades, you’ll get a smooth cut every time. This brand is also well known for being slightly less expensive than other Japanese-made shears.



Yasaka 6-Inch Thinner Teeth Scissors

Everything you need to know about Yasaka 6-Inch Thinner Teeth Scissors

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Whether you’re looking for the best barber scissors or want to try Japanese smithed scissors, this pair of shears comes with a semi offset handle and 6” blade. The bottom blade has teeth, Like all of Yasaka products, you’ll find that this one is extremely sharp. This is because the manufacturer uses Japanese sword smithing techniques to develop the best hair shears.

Since they are made from cobalt alloy stainless steel, they’re also extremely durable. You can use these scissors to trim the ends of your client’s hair and reduce problems with thick, weighted hair using these thinning shears.

The scissors uses screws to hold the hinge together, and it has a special semi offset handle to make it easier to hold without cramping your hand. This model also comes with a leather pouch.


  • Durable, great-looking shears
  • Uses AT314 stainless steel
  • Cheaper than other Yasaka shears


  • Expensive for professional shears

Joewell Shears

Starting back in 1917, the Joewell shears brand has come a long way. Their company has always strived to create the best shear, and they work exclusively with professional hairdressers. This means that their designs are always thoughtful of things that hairdressers face, such as hand fatigue or nickel skin allergies. You’ll find that all of their products come with a lifetime warranty. They’re extremely well made from 440C steel and AT-314 steel.


Joewell FX Pro

Everything you need to know about Joewell FX Pro

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Are you looking for a shear in a special color or want something to spruce up your collection? There’s something beautiful about the Joewell FX Pro line. You can choose between multiple colors or go with traditional silver. The Joewell FX Pro in rose gold is a particular favorite because of its sleek design. These shears are designed for full radial movement of the wrist. It has an offset handle ring that works well for your ring finger, while also having an anatomic thumb loop for comfort.

These are made from Japanese stainless steel and seeks to reduce stress and fatigue while hairdressing. The design uses a sword and flat blade design. The supreme stainless alloy makes for a durable pair of shears.


  • Multiple lengths from 5” to 6”
  • Multiple colors available including rose gold
  • Made from Japanese stainless steel
  • Sword and flat blade design
  • Anti-scratch diamond coating
  • Lifetime warranty


  • No case included


Joewell ZN Series

Everything you need to know about Joewell ZN Series

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This is a new style from Joewell that uses a molybdenum alloy among other mixed metals. It was designed to be an anatomic thumb set of shears,allowing for full motion of the wrist while cutting hair. This is one of the reasons that customers refer to it as the highest performance shear.

Lightweight and balanced, The ZN works well for those who like point cutting and blunt techniques. It works well on wet or dry hair. You’ll love the convex edge, but it’s the sword blade design that truly makes these shears sharp and fun to use.


  • Convex blade made from molybdenum
  • Short permanent finger rest
  • Dry bearing tension system
  • Lifetime warranty


  • No case included
  • Dulls quickly


Joewell Titanium Series

Everything you need to know about Joewell Titanium Series

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If you have a nickel allergy or already have issues with joint pain, then the Joewell Titanium series are a prestigious pair of scissors that don’t have any nickel in their design. This is important if you have developed any sensitivities to the metal in most shears, which can be quite debilitating for hairdressers and barbers over time. The titanium coating on these shears covers the entire blade and handle, so you don’t have to worry about touching any part of your tool.

The titanium is also rather sleek, so if you admire interesting shears, the deep steel blue of these shears will catch your eye. It’s extremely comfortable to use these shears as well with the semi-offset handle and removable finger rest.

Joewell shears are well-made and feature lightweight designs while also providing an extremely accurate cut. The supreme stainless alloy, convex edge design, and multiple sizes make this one of the best shears that you can buy for the price. You can purchase in precision flat or adjustable tension depending on what you’re looking for. There are four different blade lengths to choose from including 5.25”, 5.5”, 5.75” and 6” styles.


  • Super sharp Hitach 440C steel blades
  • Titanium coating to protect from nickel allergies
  • Extremely lightweight and comfortable
  • Multiple sizes to choose from


  • Expensive

Mosher Salon Shears

Known as a more affordable brand of Japanese steel, these shears aren’t as high quality as some of the others on our list, but it’s worth mentioning if you are trying to find the best shear for the lowest price. Mosher includes a variety of different blades with their packages, and most of their scissors are ergonomic. Some of the older styles may be a bit heavy, so it’s important to check customer reviews before purchasing. However, at under $50 for most of their products, it’s hard to beat their value.



Everything you need to know about Mosher Salon Shears Diamond Series

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If you’re looking for more affordable shears, then you need to check out Mosher Salon tools. However, these are still made from Japanese steel. The Diamond series are often noted as the best scissors for the value. These shears are standard for most beginner professionals, whether an apprentice barber or apprentice hairdresser.

They’re extremely affordable and come in three different types under the Diamond Series package. You can purchase the shear set, which includes a thinning shear, or just the 6” shear blade. The design includes an ergonomic handle molded finger rest and well-oiled blades. You won’t feel any stress on your hands with these scissors even after hours of use.

With the satisfaction guarantee, Mosher Salon also guarantees that these scissors will stay comfortable and stand the test of time.


  • Great value
  • Comes with a free leather case
  • Long, ergonomic handle
  • Made from Japanese steel


  • Customers complains of screw coming lose and needing re-tightening after a few hours of use
  • Not as sharp as Matsui or Yasaka brands

Mosher Salon Tools 6” Long Ergonomic Handle Scissors

Everything you need to know about Mosher Salon Tools 6” Long Ergonomic Handle Scissors

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Looking for even more value from a pair of professional shears? The Mosher Salon 6” long ergonomic handle shears offer the most affordability. It’s amazing that these shears still use Japanese stainless steel. They are designed for easier haircutting, especially if you have longer fingers and want to make sure to reduce fatigue.

Lightweight and easy to use, these hairdressing shears cut through hair like butter and work just like a high-end shear. While the design can be off-putting because they have a blunt look, they cut well despite the appearance of being a common scissor. 

These shears are sharp and ready for haircutting the day you get them, so there aren’t any surprises. The package also includes a leather case with purchase.


  • Very affordable
  • Lightweight, easy to use
  • Japanese steel


  • Cons
  • Cheaply made
  • Design doesn’t look professional

Washi Shears

The Washi brand is well known in Japan, but it’s a brand that is popular within the haircutting industry. Stylists use these shears because they are extremely well-made. They also provide superior customer service and have multiple products in development each year. Their latest line features a new anti-push edge that makes it simply easier to melt through hair for precision cuts that take zero time. With their lightweight design and unique blades, you’ll probably want more than one in your arsenal.


Everything you need to know about Washi AL Ultimate Scissors

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These are the latest shears from the iconic barber brand Washi. Named “the ultimate Japanese cutting tool,” the Washi AL Ultimate Scissors offer an ergonomic handle for a more comfortable cut every time you use these shears. These scissors are made in Japan and use guaranteed authentic Hitch 440C steel, which is why they are slightly higher priced than some of the others on this list.

With edges so sharp that it cuts through hair at lightning speed, you’ll feel like a professional just holding in these in your hand. You can can cut through wet or dry hair like butter, making them perfect for precision point cuts. In addition, this design includes the new anti-push edge design.

The total package also comes with a case and a texture razor. The shear sizes can be purchased separately or as a set, including the 5.5”, 6” or 6.5” tool. Lifetime warranty protects your purchase for any reason. They're known as the best Japanese scissors.


  • Extremely high grade Hitachi 440C Japanese steel
  • Comes in multiple sizes up to 6.5”
  • Ergonomic handle design
  • Anti-push edge feature
  • Case and texture razor included


  • Expensive
  • Only one color


Washi AZ Ultimate Swivel Shears

Everything you need to know about Washi AZ Ultimate Swivel Shears

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When Washi came out with the swivel shears, it was a step forward for barber tool design. The forged Hitachi 440C steel blade actually swivels with a sharp edge, making it easy to get a precision cut no matter the angle. These are extremely lightweight and easy to use, and they cut through hair quickly whether wet or dry. The swivel feature helps with wrist and thumb fatigue as well.

The thing that separates these shears apart is the 360-degree rotating thumb. You can get extremely fast horizontal action without ever worrying about your thumb getting in the way. It’s a natural position that moves with you, eliminating any strain from hours of angled cutting. Another factor you’ll notice is that your elbow lowers and alleviates stress on your shoulder.

Washi has also designed these with the new anti-push edge, so your cuts are always extremely accurate. These shears come in 5.5” and 6” blades, and they feature a slide-cut convex edge. You’ll also receive free finger inserts, shear oil, and a cleaning cloth with this package.


  • Extremely sleek design
  • 360-degree thumb swivel for easier angles and slide cuts
  • Lifetime sharpening included
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Expensive


Washi AX Ultimate Shears

Everything you need to know about Washi AX Ultimate Shears

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This is the top selling shear for Washi, and it’s also one of the best scissors that you can buy on the market from Japan. It features a comfortable handle and multiple blade lengths to select from. You’ll love the way that these shears melt hair easily for fast, precision cuts that look extremely accurate every time. If you love slide-cutting techniques, these shears make it simply work. Your clients will love how fast and accurate the cut is.

Washi recently updated these best Japanese scissors to feature the anti-push edge, and it has a slide-cut convex edge. Made from Hitachi ATS-314 steel, it’s a little less modern than the 440C steel, but it’s still strong nevertheless. You can pick from multiple colors as well with this model.

In our best hair shears review, these are one of the top notch scissors you can purchase. In addition, Washi does a good job of packaging these shears so that you get oil, cleaning cloths, and a case. You’ll also receive lifetime sharpening and a lifetime warranty.


  • Extremely sharp convex blade shears
  • Multiple lengths from 5.75” to 6.25”
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Lifetime sharpening included
  • Includes case, chamois cloth, and free shear oil


  • Expensive

Bonus Mention: Kamisori Emerald 6" Professional Hair Cutting Shears

Everything you need to know about Kamisori Emerald 6" Professional Hair Cutting Shears

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These shears have actually won awards for their design and strength. While being the best professional hair shears is important, they're a bit expensive. However, you get an extremely high quality and well-made pair of scissors when you purchase with Kamisori. These are handmade shears from Japan forged with Damascus steel. This is even better than ATS314 steel, which uses titanium, vivandium, and cobalt alloys.

The Damascus metals actually have a sharper, refined edge and a rating of rockwell hardness at 64. This means that the edge stays sharp for the longest possible time. Since these shears are quite elegantly made, they're also lightweight and balanced to perfect. It's no wonder that these shears have won so many awards, including American Salon Pro's Choice and Beauty Launchpaid Readers Choice, named the best Japanese shears for best hair shears review.


  • Made from high-quality Damascus steel
  • Super razor-sharp edge that stays sharper longer
  • Perfect for angled cuts
  • Includes luxury leather case
  • Handmade in Japan
  • Best Hair scissors


  • Extremely high price

Best Hair Shears Buyer’s Guide

There are long and short hair shears, beveled blades and convex blades, so it’s important to know all of your options before you decide on a pair of shears. One of the first things you should do is get an idea of the best size for your hand and check out the features of different scissors to match the kind of haircut you like.


What Size Hair Shears Should You Choose?

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The size/length of your shears determines a lot about the way you cut and what types of cuts you do. For example, a lot of barbers tend to use shears lengthing in 6.5 inch and longer. where as hairdressers use anywhere from 5inch to 6.5 inch. The length of your shears is measured from the very tip of the blade to the end, which is the edge of the longest finger hole. That doesn’t include the finger rest if your scissors have one.

To find your size, take a pair of scissors and place them in the palm of your hand. The finger hole should be right at the base of your thumb, while the tip of the blade should be a little past the top joint of your middle finger.

Obviously, if you have smaller hands, then you should buy a pair of smaller professional shears to match your size.

What To Look for in the Best Shears

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When it comes to the best hair cutting shears, you have to think about the blades, design features, sharpness, and durability. You want a pair of shears that’s going to last you a long time without rusting or falling apart. We break down these assets one by one here.


There are two types of blades you’ll see with traditional shears. The first is the bevelled edge. This is a pair of shears made from different metals, and they are made to be extremely lightweight. European hair stylists typically use the bevelled edge, and they’ll have a micro serration on one or both blades. The Tondeo T-Chiro is an example of this type of blade.

Convex blades are specific to Japanese shears, as the style was started from swordsmithing techniques. These blades are the sharpest, and most professionals look for these types of blades when purchasing a pair of shears. With their razor-like edges, it’s easy to get a precision cut even when working with a lot of hair.


You’ll notice that scissors are measured in inches typically started at 5 inch or 5.5inch, but they can range up to 7 inch in length. You should be able to choose from multiple sizes when looking at any brand of shears online. This is important as most hair stylists will only spend money on shears that won’t cause hand fatigue or slip down because they don’t have the right size.

If you have smaller hands with thin fingers, then you want a shorter blade and don’t need to pay attention to the finger holes as much. You can work with a blade up to 6” depending on the length of your hand.

Finger hole sizes and inserts are important to the comfort of your cutting abilities as well. If you need a larger finger hole, then you should look for brands that develop XL shears.

Types of Hair Cutting Scissors

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There are several shears on the market for professionals. While most blades are made for precision cuts and trims, there are others designed to improve texture or thin down extra thick hair.

Straight Scissors

This is the most common type of shear that you’ll find on the market. These are the scissors that hairdressers use most of the time while cutting. It’s important to keep at least two pairs of these on hand with short and long blades.

Small Straight Scissors

These are the perfect option when you have to hold the hair up over your finger to cut. These smaller blades help you to avoid accidents while cutting. It’s also easier to use these shears when cutting at the hairline or back of the neck. This is why barbers typically have small straight scissors.

Large Straight Scissors

If you are working with a comb and lifting hair with it, then you should use a larger straight scissor. These work better to cover more surface hair, and you’ll be more efficient in your cutting abilities. However, they are also heavier, so you should only use these on thick or wet hair.

Thinning Scissor

When you’re working with a client that has extremely thick hair, they may want to thin it down. This is an essential tool for hair stylists because it helps to create some of the modern hair trims for men that w see today. You should have two types of thinning scissors. These come with different amounts of teeth. The one with 28 teeth is a good option for texturing thick hair and providing a modern look. However, a larger thinning shear with 40 or more teeth is ideal for blending, tapering edges, and adding more texture. Read our guide about the best hair thinning shears.

Understanding the Shear Handle

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There are three types of scissor handles that you’ll find on the market today. It depends on your preference as a hair stylist which one you’ll select. However, the decision mainly relies on the position or stance you take when you cut hair. Here is a deeper look below:

Classic Handle

Basic, cheap shears will have an even handle design because it’s easy to hold for most finger sizes. Both finger holes are symmetrical, and the handle itself provides for a neutral hair cutting position. Most beginner stylists use this type of handle no matter what. It doesn’t always provide for the best cut, especially if you want to create precision cuts with a lot of hair.

Offset Handle

Professional shears typically of an offset design where one handle is longer than the other. This provides for a more comfortable position, but it takes some time getting used to if you’ve only used even handle before. The offset handle creates an open hand position when you cut, which allows you to keep your elbow and arm at a lower position. Simply put, it helps to reduce fatigue on your muscles and joints, particularly in your shoulder. Most professionals use the offset handle because it’s more comfortable than the even handle setting.

Crane Handle

While this one looks similar to the offset style, it’s slightly different. With this design, the top handle is very straight, so you can drop your elbow even more when styling. This is the perfect shear for those who like slide-cutting techniques.

Types of Materials for Hair Cutting Shears

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Most shears are made from stainless steel, but there are some differences between them. Japanese sheers, in particular, use especially high-grade shear made from Hitachi 440C or ATS314, which has cobalt, vivandium, and titanium. The highest quality shears use a combination of cobalt alloy, vivandium, and titanium for the sharpest edge.

Here is a list of various steel shears you’ll find on the market:

  • 420 – Mostly used in Pakistani shears, not the highest quality
  • 440A - a lesser quality steel you’ll find in some cheaper shears
  • 440C - Most commonly known as Hitach 440C steel, which is used in Japanese shears
  • S1 – Where cobalt begins being used
  • S3 - Higher form of cobalt alloy
  • V1 – Vivandium and Titanium are added
  • V10 - Higher elements of Vivandium
  • V10 Gold - Mixed with gold for a precision razor edge
  • ATS314 – Greatest amount of Cobalt, Vivandium & Titanium

Other Features to Consider

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Shears also come with different options and packages that make them more valuable to hairdressers. For example, most of Matsui’s blades come with a case, and you’ll find Matsui scissors have a complete package and a lifetime warranty.

Lifetime Warranty

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Shears should always be protected, and you’ll get that confidence to purchase professional scissors with a lifetime warranty guarantee. This basically means that your scissors can be replaced at any time, and it ensures that they are high quality. Most professional shears come with a lifetime warranty and 100% guarantee.


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Some shears will also have a rubber coating or finger insert for a more comfortable position in the finger hole. If you often find that you get fatigue or stress from your fingers in these tight positions, then a rubber finger hole insert can reduce that stress for you and make the shear feel more secure and comfortable


Let's look at a few products in more detail.

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Dare to be different in the beginning of your hairdressing career with our Sozu scissors, why the beginning you ask? Well, from our hairdressers that have purchased scissors from us over the years and have progressed in their career, they all soon realise that our Sozu scissors make the perfect stepping stone to go from your training into being a hairdresser to the salon superstar all with the Sozu scissor.
Once you’re the salon superstar you will then more than likely want to upgrade to see what else your creative hands can do! Sozu scissors are one of scissor tech’s greatest yet affordable collections for the aspiring hairdresser.
Much like the Matsui scissor collection, it is of course made from only the best Japanese steel that will give you only the best quality scissor at a more than decent price tag with it before you move on up to your next higher quality scissor.
Our Sozu scissors are quickly becoming a crowd favourite with the sleek easy to use design of the scissor along with the multiple colours to choose from and some that even have the individually handcrafted pretty yet of course elegant design to them that will make them stand out from the classic’s that most hairdressers have.
Be comfortable in your new Sozu pair of scissors knowing that they have been designed and tested with junior hairdressers to know they can be used comfortably and can create magical and multiple haircuts with them.

Benefits of the Best Hair Scissors


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Matsui Aichei mountain Range Matsui Premium Steel Range Sozu Essentials Swivel Scissors Precision Range Barbering Yasaka Range
Steel Quality
Light Weight
Reduces Wrist strain Significantly
Blunt Cutting 
Precision Cutting
Scissor Over Comb
Minimal push of hair on the blade
Super Straight lines
Slide Cutting
Stays Sharp For Longer

Liked these best professional hair cutting shears reviews? If you’re looking for the best professional hair shears, then there are a ton of options available online today. The market is saturated with a lot of brands claiming to have professional quality, but they don't really use the right materials or have a modern design to reduce fatigue.

One brand that stands out from the rest is Matsui. You'll find that for the price, you get an extremely well-made shear that always gets the job done. You can create angled, precision cuts with ease using any of their products, and every package comes with a lot of extras, such as shear oil and lifetime sharpening.

Yasaka is another brand that creates high-grade professional shears. You can still get the same tensile strength, steel-made blades, and high performance from these Japanese shears as well.

Learn more about what hairstylist should know about shears.

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