Some Of Our Favorite Pink Hair Scissors

October 17, 2020

You’re never too old to enjoy a splash of pink in your life.

Gone are the days of boring hairdressing shears. Hairdressers, and no doubt a few barbers, around the world are embracing their love of the colour with a pair of pink scissors. There are two brands of professional hairdressing shears, Matsui and Sozu, that have capitalised on the popularity of pink.

A pair of pink hair scissors stand out in the salon. Clients of all ages notice and comment on pretty pink scissors. Imagine being a little girl and having your hair cut with pink scissors, it makes their week!

So if you think pink is sweet, you’re in for a treat.

Bright Pink Hairdressing Shears

Matsui and Sozu have some show stopping neon pink scissors that make you smile.

Matsui Neon Pink Offset Scissors

Made of lightweight cobalt infused steel, these new release pink cutting shears stay sharp for longer. The mountain blade pushes the hair onto the thin sharp blade. You’ll find these are your go-to scissors for feathering, point cutting and texturizing. The offset handle allows your hand to stay in the most natural, comfortable position. Choose from the 5.5 or 6 inch scissors that suit your hand best.

Matsui Neon Pink Offset Shear Thinner Combo

If you’re looking for a high quality thinner and a cutting scissor, the thinner combo is for you. Combining the 5.5 or 6 inch cutting shears with a 6 inch thinning scissors will ensure you have what you need to cover all cuts. This combo is also available as a lefty option .

Matsui Neon Pink Offset Shear Triple Set

Ideal for those who like having two sizes of blunt cutting scissors available. The triple set gives you the 5.5 and 6 inch shears and the 6 inch thinners to hang on your belt. Everyone will know this triple beauty is yours.

Diva Matsui Scissor Thinner Combo

Handmade from Hitachi 440C Japanese steel, these scissors stay sharper for longer. The pink, purple and gold titanium finish changes colour in the light and are a steal at this price.

Sozu Essentials Pink Rainbow Scissor Thinner Combo

Sozu is the perfect brand for new hairdressers who want quality tools without the high price tag. These rainbow scissors are a beautiful mix of a stunning bright pink, purple and gold finish. For an added touch, the tension screw is a pink and white crystal. The set includes a 5.5 inch cutting scissor and 5.5 inch 27-tooth thinning scissor.

pink hair shears cutting

Professional Hair Cutting Scissors With a Hint of Pink

If you prefer only a pinch of pink on your cutting shears, how about this beautiful pair? They’re a traditional polished chrome with a tension screw that’s all pink bling.

The Matsui Swarovski Elegance Limited Edition Pink Shear Thinner combo are high quality cobalt infused steel scissors made of Aichei Japanese steel. The pink tension screw is the star of the show. They are the perfect combo pair for slide cutting and thinning hair. Choose from 5.5 or 6 inch cutting scissors.

If you prefer, the pink triple set gives you both sizes of cutting scissors.

stylish pink hair shears

How to Maintain Pink Hairdressing Scissors

Some customers are concerned that the stunning pink finish won’t last the life of the scissors. But the titanium coating is far more durable than you might think. With some basic care, you won’t lose any pink through chipping or fading. We’re so confident in their durability that we include the finish in our lifetime warranty.

While you pink shears don’t need any extra special care, just remember the following basic care tips for shears and they’ll stay stunning.

Chrome or coloured, shears like a little love in the following form.

Wipe off any chemicals from colours and treatments after each cut. At the end of the day, use a soft dry towel to remove all hair and traces of moisture. Once the shears are clean and dry, store them in their case rather than in a drawer or on the counter.

Even though your shears are well protected overnight, always check the tension before starting work the next day. If the tension is too tight while you’re cutting it can cause permanent damage to the blade. And if you feel any resistance while cutting, stop and check the tension.

Scissors should be oiled weekly or after using any cleaning solution. Without an oil barrier, the shears are susceptible to corrode with a pitted appearance damaging the shears. Rust spots can also appear on shears that don’t see any oil. Only use professional scissor oil, clipper oil isn’t the same.

Have a professional sharpen your shears every 3-12 months depending on how much you use them and they will see you cutting in style for many years.

girl pink hair shears

Pink Scissors FAQ

Here are a few answers to the most common questions about pink scissors.

What brands make pink hairdressing scissors?

Matsui and Sozu are two brands that manufacture professional hairdressing scissors using the best quality Japanese steel.

What types of pink hairdressing scissors are available?

Cutting and thinning scissors are available in pink finishes.

Can I buy pink hairdressing scissor kits?

Yes, it makes sense to buy your hairdressing scissors as kits so all your scissors match and everyone knows which hairdresser owns them. You can buy twin kits with a cutting scissor and a thinner or you can buy a triple set with two sizes of cutting scissors and a thinner.

What are the most common sizes of pink hairdressing scissors?

The majority of pink scissors are bought by female hairdressers who usually need a 5.5 or 6 inch scissors. It’s difficult to find the larger 7 inch scissors in shades of pink.

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We’re confident you’ll be tickled pink with your purchase but if for any reason the shears aren’t quite right, make use of our seven day return policy .You can return the shears for a full refund or organise to try another type of shears.

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