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Scissor Tech helps barbers & stylists nationwide & worldwide, achieve precision in their techniques with our professional barber scissors & shears on the Scissor Tech shop. We offer premium quality, handcrafted steel barber shears at some of the most cost-effective rates you'll find within the professional hair and barber industries. Choose from matte or glossy finishes, a range of stylish colors, and configurations.

Precision, comfort, and unrivaled sharpness – these are the qualities our Matsui, Yasaka, and Kamisori brands offer. Japanese-steel, hand made by highly skilled experts in their blade forming craft, our barber shears deliver impeccable classic flawless design plus an excellent grip with ergonomic fit to complement your various techniques.

Elevate your results and buy the best barber scissors from the world’s leading brands at Scissor Tech.

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If there is a particular barber scissor that you would like that isn't on our page please feel free to send us a message as we may be able to assist you further, we carry professional barber scissors from trusted brands such as Matsui Scissors or Yasaka Hairdressing Scissors that might be just what you're looking for. 

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What To Expect

Now you might be thinking - There are so many online stores, why should I pick this one? Well, let us tell you that Scissor Tech is no ordinary online store. We want to provide you only with the best, and that's exactly what we do. Here is what you can expect when ordering from us:

  • Quality. We want you to be prepared for any challenge that might come your way when practicing your profession, which is why our scissors come from reputable Japanese brands, such as Matsui and Yasaka. Because of their origin, you can be sure that each product was carefully designed and manufactured with the best materials (Japanese stainless steel and metal alloys). After all, there's nothing more important for a barber than the quality of tools they use.
  • Convenience. It's normal to become tired after a while of doing the same thing, which is why in our offer, you will find ergonomic barber scissors that will most likely provide you with significant relief in tension and stress that cutting hair might cause. Talk about convenience! But that's not all. You can decide whether you want to purchase an individual pair of scissors or buy a whole set. Also, you can decide what size will work best for you - as you know, some people have smaller, while others have bigger hands. Trying to accommodate everyone with one-size scissors would simply be impossible. Last but not least, if you are a lefty, you'll be glad to hear that we have left-handed scissors in our offer!
  • Style. Quality and convenience are not the only characteristics of our scissors. They're also very visually pleasing! Available in a range of colors, they'll fit perfectly with the rest of your equipment.

Additional Features

A variety of scissor types or the ability to buy either individual shears or a whole set are only some of the things we offer to make sure you have an excellent customer experience. You might be wondering - Wow, what else can you give me? Well, check out below and see for yourself!

  • Scissor Tech scissor case.If you thought that the scissors or shears are the only thing you will be receiving in the package from us, you couldn't be more wrong. We get just how important proper storage of tools is, which is why you'll get a free Scissor Tech scissor case with your order. But that's not all! Depending on what you buy, we might add shear oil, a cleaning cloth, tension adjuster, and/or spare finger loops! Amazing, isn't it? Remember - your scissors won't last long if you don't take good care of them, no matter how high-end the brand you'll purchase them from is. And with our extra gifts, doing it might become just a tad bit easier.
  • Range of colors.Who said you could only cut hair with those regular, silver scissors? It definitely wasn't us! Sure, we get why the silver ones would be a color choice of many - they are sleek, elegant, and can do the job they are meant to do just fine. But why not take it up a notch? At Scissor Tech, you'll find five hair scissors color options to choose from - classic silver, elegant matte black, stylish rose gold, exciting neon pink, and the ever-so-positive rainbow. What's more, in many cases, the same scissors are available in more than one color!
  • Removable finger rest.Let's be honest - different people have different attitudes towards finger rests. Some love them and the convenience they bring so much, they use it every day. Others are the complete opposite - they almost hate using them, saying that when they have it attached, the scissors simply don't feel right in their hands. This is exactly why some of our available products have a removable finger rest - if this is something you value in a pair of scissors, make sure to check the description of a product before adding it to the cart so that you can be sure the said feature is included.
  • Lifetime warranty.To make sure that you are completely satisfied with your purchase, and provide you with some additional reassurance, all of our products come with a lifetime warranty. However, we're almost 100% sure you won't be needing that. If you have any doubts before finalizing the purchase, feel free to go through reviews left by some of our previous customers!

Why Quality Barber Scissors Are a Necessity

Have you ever thought about why quality scissors are so important? Let us give you an example of a situation, which will probably explain it by itself.

Imagine that you're just about to start a very, and we mean, VERY, busy shift at the barbershop or a salon. You are so excited because you recently bought a new pair of shears that you're convinced is perfect - and they were amazingly priced too! You think to yourself - This is going to be my day! I'm going to kill every cut. You get to your station and welcome the first client.

But hold up - something isn't right. Instead of beautiful, sharp cuts, you notice they are uneven, and the split ends are still there! How can it be? You cut them off, they should be gone? It turns out your perfect pair of shears isn't so perfect after all. Now you know why they were priced the way they were.

Low-quality shears can be the end of your career. There's nothing worse for a barber than an unsatisfied client. People like to talk about good experiences, but they LOVE going off about the bad ones. And that's not something you want.

You don't want to be the barber people stay away from unless they have no other choice. Quite the contrary - you want to be the one that they book weeks, if not months, in advance to make sure they have a place.

Well, low-quality shears definitely won't help you with that.

High-quality barber scissors/shears are crucial from the very beginning - don't wait until something happens to make you buy them. Besides, you deserve it - treat yourself!

How to Choose the Best Barber Shears for Yourself

Quality, even though important, is not the only thing you should look at when making a decision about which barber scissors you should purchase.

Think about which one is your dominant hand - right or left? It's important because this will determine whether you need right-handed or left-handed hair cutting scissors. There's nothing worse than being uncomfortable when cutting hair - not only will it affect the hairstyle, but you will also experience physical discomfort and pain. Totally not worth it if you ask us.

Next, you need to understand which size will be the best for you. It is actually quite easy. If you have a pair of barber scissors somewhere close to you, pick them up, and place them on the palm of your hand, making the finger hole touch the base of your thumb and the tip of the blade in the last section of your middle finger. Next, take a ruler and measure the shears, not including the finger rest. There you go!

Last but not least, you should consider which hair cutting style you are performing more often - it will help you decide which type works best. If you are a very versatile person, who isn't afraid to create any hairstyle, then you should really consider purchasing a whole set of barber scissors so that you have everything you need to let your imagination run wild.

How To Take Care of Your Barber Scissors Like a Pro

Once you click that 'buy' button, you might realize that it's been quite a purchase. And while we can guarantee that you won't be disappointed with what you'll receive from us, it's important that you take care of your barber scissors so that they'll stay in perfect shape for a veeeery long time.

Now, you might be thinking - How the hell am I supposed to know what to do? Well, it's not rocket science - scissors maintenance is actually pretty simple, and to prove it to you, here is what you need to do:

  • Cleaning. That sounds obvious, doesn't it? Yeah, well, many seem to forget about it. Cleaning your shears and scissors after every use should be a habit! The easiest way to do it is by using a soft, clean cloth and wiping down the blades as soon as you are done cutting hair. If you want your scissors to perform an amazing job for a while, then you CANNOT omit this step!
  • Lubrication. After cleaning, lubricating with scissor oil is a must. It will allow you to get rid of all the hair and dirt from under the pivot. At the same time, it'll create a protective layer against corrosion and moisture.
  • Sharpening. Have you ever heard about anyone doing a great haircut with blunt scissors? Don't think so. That's why you need to keep them sharp at all times. Can't do it yourself? There are plenty of sharpening services you can reach out to!
  • Storage. We already established that proper storage IS important. Keep your tools in their respective cases, in a cool and dry place where they won't come in contact with humidity, dust, or chemicals.

What to Avoid

Since we already shared what to do, we should also share a list of things you shouldn't do with your scissors, right? We'll do it anyways.

Here are some things that should be illegal for barbers, or anyone who owns at least a pair of barber scissors, to do:

  • Putting away scissors/shears while they are still wet.
  • Tossing scissors/shears away and leaving them in random places.
  • Not being careful enough and dropping scissors/shears on the floor - a good idea is to purchase a salon mat so that even if someone drops their scissors or shears accidentally, they won't break.
  • Cutting clients' hair with nicked, dull scissors/shears - can and probably will damage the hair and pull it.
  • Cleaning scissors/shears with toxic chemicals - no perm, color solution, or sterilization liquid should be used in their vicinity, as they can cause corrosion and generally damage the scissors/shears.
  • Forgetting about servicing - ideally, hairdressing and barber tools should be serviced once every 6 to 24 months, but everything depends on the type of scissors/shears, user's cutting style, maintenance routine, and personal needs.

Our Brands

At Scissor Tech, we provide our clients with nothing short of the best. Cocky? Not really, just realistic. We believe that the right tools are the key to great haircuts and shaves, so who are we to prevent you from having them?

If the amount of professional barber shears and scissors we offer becomes too much and you'll be unable to make a decision, don't hesitate to contact us! We'll be happy to answer all of your questions and give some advice on which pairs will be cut out for you (see what we did there?). Thank you for shopping at Scissor Tech!

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