3 Best Men's Haircut Tools You Should Have

May 05, 2019

Men’s hairstyles have evolved so much over the past few years that having these 3 types of best men's haircut tools is no longer optional for your male clientele. These days, men are more adventurous when it comes to choosing the type of haircut they want.

It has become extremely important for hairdressers to update their toolkit with men's haircut tools for their male clients in order to accommodate these newer hairstyles and needs of their clients.

Our Top 3 Best Men's Haircut Tools

And for this reason, we present to you these 3 types of men's haircut hairstylist tools we highly recommend professional stylists to have. Under each type we also share a high quality option for you to purchase or learn more about. We have a large variety of men's haircutting scissors and razors, so feel free to ask us any questions you have in the comments or via our contact form. We're always happy to help!

Here are the top 3 hairstyling tools that Scissor Tech recommends for cutting men’s hairstyles!

1. A Professional Men's Razor

A sharp razor is a necessity for cutting men’s hairstyles as it will allow you to shave precise lines and detail haircuts with accuracy. The Cutlass Horn Black Blade razor by The Barbarossa Brothers is a must-have tool. This stunning razor is made with a sturdy handle handcrafted from naturally sourced buffalo horn, which is a unique material that is lighter and stronger than its counterparts.

The material is also a natural heat repellent, making it comfortable to handle all day long. This beautiful razor comes with a matte black blade holder and is adjustable so you can find the optimum resistance. You’ll also be impressed by the black Barbarossa Brothers presentation box it comes in!

2. Men's Barber Scissors

If you’re looking for professional hair shears that will make barbering work easier, look no further than the Matte Black Samurai 7 Inch from the Matsui Samurai Collection. These premium barber shears are part of Matsui's next-generation range of lightweight ergonomic hairdressing tools and have been designed with barbering in mind.

The impressive features of this cutter include a comfortable offset handle that is handcrafted from 2 separate sheets of steels to make it lightweight. The ergonomic handle is also designed to reduce strain on your hand and wrist if you’re using the scissors all day.

You’ll be amazed by how efficient it is to cut various men’s hairstyles using these scissors compared to a traditional cutter. The long blades on this shear are specially designed for men’s haircutting techniques such as scissor over the comb, which makes barbering easier.

Matsui Matte Black Samurai 7 Inch – Scissor Tech

Matsui Matte Black Samurai 7 Inch – Scissor Tech

3. Men's Thinning & Texturizing Scissors

Texturized hair is becoming a popular hair trend for men’s hairstyles. You’ll find that more and more clients are now asking for haircuts with texture instead of sharp crewcuts or short hairstyles. This is because texturized hair adds shape and volume to fine hair. This masterful technique can also reduce body for thick hair.

You can usually achieve texture in hair by using a razor. However, if you’re not confident with using a razor, you can use hair thinning scissors or texturizing scissors.

Thinning shears are specially designed to thin out and texturize hair, both of which add layers to the hair easily and without the fuss of razors.

We recommend the Matsui Matte Black 14 Tooth Offset Thinner which is made with a small number of notches on the blades. This design allows for bigger gaps between each tooth, which gives you control on just how much hair you want to take off with each snip. The offset handle on the shears also makes it comfortable to cut hair with ease.

Matsui Matte Black 14 Tooth Offset Thinner – Scissor Tech

Matsui Matte Black 14 Tooth Offset Thinner – Scissor Tech


You can read more about dealing with fine, thick hair and the best tools to do it in our blog article here


Top 3 Men's Hair Cutting Tools Summary

Thanks for coming by and viewing our top men's hair cutting tools post. We hope these help you achieve your men's hairstyles you are going after and more. Whether you need a quality set of shears, a men's barber razor or even a set of thinning shears for your men's cuts, Scissor Tech USA has you covered.

For more top quality cutting tools reviews, view our best hairdressing scissors buyer's guide here.

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