Dealing with Fine Hair: Styling Tips

May 13, 2019

Styling fine hair can be tough for any hairdresser. Thin hair is hard to work with as it tends to not hold any style and makes it difficult to cut into shape. Most clients with fine hair also tend to request haircuts that make their hair appear thicker than it really is. Knowing the type of products and different haircuts that can achieve volume in hair is very important in this situation. Read on to find out the top 3 styling tips we have for dealing with fine hair!

Cut It Blunt

A good hairstyle that will make the hair appear thicker is a blunt haircut. The bluntness at the end will make the hair look more voluminous. We recommend a professional hairdressing scissor with long blades or even a barbering shear, when cutting a blunt hairstyle. The long length of the blades will allow for an even cutting line effortlessly.

Check out the Matsui Damascus Offset Scissor if you’re looking for a blunt cutter. This latest edition is handmade made with 17 layers of Damascus Japanese Steel, the ideal steel for blunt cutting. The offset handle on the shears also adds extra comfort while you're cutting hair.

Matsui Damascus Offset Scissor – Scissor Tech

Add Volume

Adding short layers on the top of the hair will also add volume to the hair. You can achieve these layers by using a texturizing scissor or a thinner scissor. These thinners are designed with notches on the blade of the shear which allows some hair to fall through without cutting it off. This feature gives you the ultimate control while you’re cutting hair as you’re able to determine just how much hair you want to cut off.

We recommend the Matsui Matte Black 14Tooth Offset Thinner to add volume as it is made with 14 notches that will not take off too much hair. The bevelled tooth finish seamlessly adds short strands of hair for an evenly blended look. Try focusing the layers on the top of the head for a voluminous appearance.

Matsui Matte Black 14Tooth Offset Thinner – Scissor Tech


Use the Right Products

It is important to have the right product knowledge, when dealing with fine hair. A common issue with thin hair is that it is usually weighed down by heavy products being used on the hair. Between styling products and natural oils, the hair becomes unable to breathe. You can solve this issue by washing the client’s hair with a good fortifying shampoo that will get rid of the product build-up.

Follow up with a shampoo and conditioner that is designed to add more volume to the hair. A good tip is to avoid using any products with silicone in them as it tends to leave a heavy coating on the hair, which makes it flatter and more lifeless. 

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