Professional Hair Cutting Sets (Kits)

If you can't decide which hair scissors to get (there are so many!), our professional hair scissor sets from trusted brands such as Joewell Shears, Matsui Shears, Yasaka Scissors, and Jaguar Scissors will be the perfect options for you. Choosing the right blade for the right job can make a huge difference in how easily the scissor cuts through the hair. With the number of hair scissors available on the market, choosing the best set might be a difficult task. However, we’re here to help! For a full breakdown see our full review of hairstylist scissors. That's why these Professional Hair cutting Kits are more than likely to fulfil your expectations.

If you want your scissors to serve you for years to come, you should rotate between different pairs. By doing so, you get much more life from each pair. There are many price advantages of buying scissor sets that we stylists appreciate. Because of the materials and techniques used in the manufacturing process, your sliders stay sharper for longer, and you end up saving money from not having to get them sharpened so often. This way, you’ll save a hefty sum in the long run!

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Which Types of Shears Can You Find In Our Shear Sets?

All right, so what do we offer? On our website, you’ll find a wide variety of shear sets and kits from reputable brands. You can buy the best Japanese hair cutting shears of the hard-to-match quality at an attractive price and pick the right items for your hairdressing inventory, along with a high-quality case that will look great and prove useful.

Among many different types of hair cutting shears, your chosen set may include:

Classic Scissors

With the same shape of the upper and lower blade, classic scissor, also known as straight scissors, can be found in every hair salon and are a staple for every professional hairdresser (and for those who are a little bit less-than-professional as well). Hurry up if they're still missing in your collection!

Offset Scissors

Offset scissors feature a shortened handle shank with a thumb ring. The handle area is angled, which makes it easier to position hands. These should also be in every hairdresser's inventory, and that’s also non-negotiable.

Hair Thinning Shears

This type has one blade with teeth and one blade without. This allows them to divide the hair into small sections and cut only the intermittent pieces. Hair thinning shears will help you create a soft, diffused shape, remove the excess weight of the hair, and blend between the sections. They're perfect for finishing touches during each haircut, and yes, you need those too.

Left-Handed Shears

Left-handed scissors have their blades reversed, which means the top blade is always on the left side. This will let you see your cutting line, which is crucial during every haircut. If you're a left-handed person, you've probably struggled with items designed for right-handed people all your life. With our left-handed shears, you won’t do any wrong. Only right.

How to Maintain Your Hair Cutting Shear Sets?

The name of the brand matters, but it doesn’t mean that you can forget about proper care. The sad reality is that without maintenance, even the best shear set won't serve you for long. Here's what you should do if you want to keep using your hairdressing equipment for a great deal of time:

  • Keep them sharp. Duh!
  • Clean them after each use.
  • Handle them with care and avoid tossing them around. They aren’t toys, and you’ve paid good money for them.
  • Check the tension regularly.
  • Oil them at least once a day with a scissor oil. And try not to get dirty.
  • Before you put them away, make sure they're clean and dry.
  • Keep your shear sets in a dedicated case, and store the case in a cool, dry place.

Why Choose Our Hairdressing Scissor Sets?

Here at Scissor Tech, we believe that the quality of your hairdressing products combined with excellent skills translates to a smile on your customers’ faces. Buying a set composed of different types of the best hair cutting shears from reputable retailers is a great way to stock up your hairstyling inventory. You need the right tools to do the job just right!

We offer professional sets from well-known Japanese brands like Yasaka, Matsui, Joewell, and Jaguar. As a customer, you'll have a first-hand experience of the best blades in the hairdressing industry, and you'll be free to pick the type of blades, their color, and their finish. Indeed, there will be a lot of choosing involved. Each purchase includes a useful, high-quality case to keep your tools safe and clean. With those at your disposal, you’ll love to cut hair of your customers, and they’ll love to come back to your salon, time and time again.

If you happen to have any doubts, feel free to contact us. We'll gladly answer all your questions and help you find the best shear set to suit your needs.

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