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Joewell LBF Swivel

Joewell LBF Swivel

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The incredible Joewell LBF Swivel hairdressing Shears are perfect for those stylists that are looking for more freedom. Offering all of the incredible quality you would usually expect from these quality Joewell Shears but with a twist, the LBF Swivel is a unique hairdressing Shear.

With a light weight and smooth action, the swivel handles, with a choice of pink or green inserts and polished finished blades really give this Shear an exceptional feel. The Joewell LBF Swivel Shears feature a swivelling finger rest for ultimate comfort. These Shears are ideal for precision cutting with standard blades for smoother cutting and a longer lasting edge.

  • Swivel Handle
  • Silver Finish
  • Convex Edge
  • Flat Tension Screw
  • Made in Japan
  • Lifetime Warranty

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