JW C3 Lefty Swivel Series


Joewell wasn’t established yesterday - the brand has enough experience to know what their customers love, and what they don’t. Because of this, they are able to deliver tools that can satisfy even the pickiest hairdresser, and they definitely didn’t disappoint this time.

The Joewell Lefty Swivel Series is the perfect choice for all of our lefties out there! The swivel handle featured in this pair of scissors is ergonomic, which means that it allows you to position your hand in any direction you wish without straining your wrist. This is a very important feature, as it prevents fatigue and wrist pain, which, if not taken care of, can lead even to a long-term injury.

Thanks to the swivel handle, JW's unique convex edge, and material configuration, the Swivel Series gives you the utmost cutting confidence.

  • Japanese Stainless Steel
  • Adjustable Tension System
  • Convex Blade
  • Left Handed 180 Degree Swivel Handle
  • Black Matte Finish
  • Lifetime Warranty

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